Inauguration of IAAP : 1955

Robert Hinshaw found the "lost" minutes of the IAAP in a familiar Swiss binder at the office of Daimon Verlag. At the dinner following the end of the Executive Committee meeting in Einsiedeln--in a hotel just a block away from Daimon--Bob presented Murray with the long missing Minnutes of the IAAP--including a page with the signatures of those attending when the gift of the founding of IAAP was presented to Jung on his birthday, July 26, 1955.

The photographs below show Murray Stein holding up the Minutes and the typewritten page listing the delegates to the first meeting of the International Association for An

alytical Psychology.

Constitutional Meeting held in Zurich,
July 26th 1955, at the C.G. Jung Institute

Present: Dr. G. Adler, Dr. M. Fordham, Dr. R. Moody, Dr. L. Stein (SAP London)
  Dr. E.A. Bennet, Dr. C.M. Barker (Club London)
  Mrs. Mary Crile, Frau Hilde Kirsch (Club & Soc. Los Angeles)
  Mrs. V. de Laszlo (Soc.of med.analysts, eastern div.) (2 votes)
  Mr. E. Henley (Club New York) (2 votes)
  Frl. Dr. A. Aumuller (Referring Analysts, New York) (2 votes)
  Prof. Dr. G. Schmaltz, Frau Dr. B. Sommer (Germany)
  Frl. Dr. E. Camerling, Frl. Dr. A. Blits (Holland)
  Dr. R. Cahen, Mme. A. Teillard (Club Paris)
  Dr. E. Bernhard, Frau Bernhard (Italy)
  Dr. G. Adler, London, delegated by Dr. Neumann (2 votes)
  Mr. Heinrich Steiger, Frl. Dr. von Franz (Psychol.Club Zurich)
  Mrs. M. Briner, Frl. Dr. H. Binswanger (Dipl.of Jung-Institute) K.W. Bash, F. Riklin (Curatorium)
  Frau Prof. M. Ostrowski (Psychol.Ges.Basel) (2 votes)
  Dr. E. Boller, Dr. H.K. Fierz (SGPP)
Chairman: C.A. Meier, Zurich

IAAP Executive Committee

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