Letter from the Congress Program Committee

Some details of the preliminary program follow (updated 03 Nov 2006) :

International Association for Analytical Psychology
Internationale Gesellschaft für Analytische Psychologie
Association Internationale de Psychologie Analytique
Associazione Internazionale di Psicologia Analitica
Asociación Internacional de Psicología Analítica

XVIIth Congress of the International Association
for Analytical Psychology

August 12-17, 2007 Cape Town, South Africa

Journeys – Encounters
Clinical – Communal – Cultural

September 2006

Dear Colleagues,

The program for our upcoming Congress in Cape Town, S.A. is taking form and we believe you will find the prospects exciting. To better help you envision the range of events and presentations, some details of the preliminary program are offered here.

First you will see the planned events for Sunday, August 12 listed below. There will be a pre-Congress movement workshop during the day. Then, after registering for the Congress you will want to attend the opening ceremony which will include a performance by the Pro-Cantu Youth Choir.

Next you can find a listing of the plenary presentations and the evening events. Details of these events were sent out earlier this summer and are available on the website by looking in the “Main Menu” under the Congress XVII item.

Following the evening events is a listing of the parallel or “break-out” sessions. These are grouped in bands as discussed in the call for participation. You will find a listing of presenters and titles in this section.

Finally there is a listing of special presentations and of poster sessions. The exact details of time and location of each of these events will be given later when we send out the registration packet. In the meantime we hope you will look through the program and agree with us that we are indeed poised for some significant encounters in our journey to South Africa.

We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town next August.

With best wishes,

The Program Committee: Joe Cambray, Chair
Astrid Berg (SAAJA)
Christian Gaillard (ex officio)
Toshio Kawai (AJAJ)
Patrizia Michan (IRSJA)
Hester Solomon (BAP)
Marta Tibaldi (AIPA)
Gustav Bovensiepen (DGAP)
Joy Schaverien (SAP)
Denise Ramos (SBrPA)
Tom Kelly (Honorary Secretary)
Beverley Zabriskie (NYAAP)

Events for Sunday August 12, 2007

A Pre-Congress Workshop entitled MOVING JOURNEYS — EMBODIED ENCOUNTERS will approach the living body in analysis from multiple perspectives including theoretical, experiential, clinical, communal and cultural. Co-leaders are IAAP colleagues in different parts of the world who are among those working to develop dance movement as a form of active imagination: Joan Chodorow (San Francisco, SJANC), Antonella Adorisio (Rome, CIPA), Carolyn Fay (Houston, Honorary Member), Jacqueline Gerson (Mexico City, Individual Member), Margarita Mendez (Caracas, SVAJ), and Tina Stromsted (San Francisco, Candidate/SJANC). This special event will be announced in the congress program and posted on the IAAP web in early 2007, including registration in advance.

CNASJA meeting.


Opening Reception with the Pro-Cantu Youth Choir

Parallel Session

Clinical Band

Helga Anderssen-Plaut (DGAP) A Case of Female Circumcision - a Young Girl's Search for Identity; and Francesco Biagni, CIPA - Is joy still possible?

Arlo Compaan (CSJA) - Archetypal shame and its transference/countertransference manifestations in the analytic journey.

Sue Austin, Leon Petchkovsky, Leslie Devereaux, and John Merchant (ANZSJA)– The recyclability of madness: The telos of complexes, psychotic cores and psychotic defences.

Claus Braun and Lilian Otscheret (DGAP) – Individuation and changes in processing dreams during the analytical process.

Marcus West (SAP) – ‘There you are, but where did I go?’ The problem with otherness in analytical psychology.

Gerhard Burda (ÖGAP) - The Ethics of Depression: An Arechethypal view; and Harry Fogarty (JPA/PAJA) – The secret of Achebe’s Lion: making meaning of the chronicity of the intolerable.

Caterina Vezzoli (CIPA), Brigitte Allain-Dupré (SFPA). Wilma Blotto Bosio (CIPA), Wanda Grosso (AIPA), Ganni Nagliero (AIPA), Bernadette Vandenbroucke (SFPA) – Bambino “mostro” o dotato di senso etico innato? Alcuni analisti dell’infanzia propongono le loro riflessioni.

Harriet Friedman (SJASC) - A Rite of Passage: A Clinical Encounter with the Numinous; and Rosalind Winter (NYAAP) – Symbol Formation: A Jungian Response to Communal Trauma.

John Gosling (SAAJA), Alan Fischer (Professor University of Cape Town), Marta Darder (Advocacy Coordinator, Medecins Sans Frontieres, South Africa), Denis Matwa (Member of Treatment Action Campaign) – HIV/AIDS: An encounter with death or a journey into life.

Erhard Trittibach (SGAP) – Life with HIV: an Encounter Between North and South; and Dartiu Xavier da Silveira (SBrPA) – An alternative approach to drugs and AIDS: A Brazilian perspective.

Ursula Ulmer (AGAP, SGAP, SAAJA) and a team of HIV lay counsellors - The role of HIV/AIDS in the transformation of South Africa (this presentation will take place offsite and transportation will be provided for those wishing to attend).

Maria Fiorentino (AIPA) – Note sul trauma: Un percorso da Jung alla moderna psicotraumatologia (Notes on trauma: from Jung to modern psychotraumatology); and Paola Erbice (CIPA) – Incontro con la psicosi: disegni e transfert di una relazione analitica.

Research Band

Mary Addenbrooke (SAP) - Jung, drug addiction and transcendence. Roberto Gambini (SGAP) – Dreams in the classroom.

Tamara Kron (IIJP) – Dreams of women and men during pregnancy: Archetypal motives and clinicial implications.

Wolfram Keller, (DGAP) R. Dilg, S. Stehle, G. Rudolf, T. Grande, T. Jakobsen, C. Oberbracht - Three year follow-up of analytic long-term-psychotherapy (PAL-study); and Leon Petchkovsky (ANZSJA) – The functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) correlates of complexes, as elicited by the Word Association Test.

Marion Rauscher Gallbach (SBrPA) – The therapeutic efficacy of the Dream-Experience-Group methodology.

Cultural / Transcultural Studies / Cultural Unconscious


Priscilla Murr (IRSJA, AGAP) – Shamans, serpents and other soaring creatures ; and Barbara Miller (NAAP, AGAP) – Sami shamanism today

Linda Carter (JPA, NESJA), Simone Campbell Scott (JPA, PAJA, IRSJA) – Image, Analyst, Archetype: Gaps and Bridges in the Psychology of the Visual Arts.

Brigid Soubrouillard (SFPA) – Mapping infra-verbal somatopsychic experiences with art: When words fail to express singular body-soul memories.

Christian Gaillard, Chair (SFPA) David Lewis-Williams (Prof. paleoanthropology, Johannesburg), Alain Gibeault (IPA, Paris) Sally Weintrobe (IPA, London), Peter Ammann (SGAP) - Prehistoric rock art in debate


Jef Dehing (BSJP) – The transcendent function of music.


John Hill (SGAP, AGAP) – The Jung/Joyce encounter: A poetic psychologist meets a psychological poet; and Sylvester Wojtkowski (JPA) – Jung and Rilke: Imaginal encounters. Arlene TePaske Landau (SJASC) – J. M. Coetzee: Heartbreaking narrative and subtle redemption in oppressed “Dusklands”; and Brian Feldman (SJANC, IRSJA) – Cry, The Beloved Country: Post-colonialism, identity and attachment.

Marilyn Matthew, Steven Flower, Geraldine Godsil (BAP) - A Journey through Dark Materials: an analytic encounter with Philip Pullman's epic trilogy.

Sam Naifeh (SJANC) –Xeinia’s journey through the Iliad and the Odyssey: East-West wars and loss of relationship ethos; and Ronald Schenk (IRSJA) – The journey that is not a journey: The soul between home and homeless in the Odyssey.

Penny de Haas Curnow (SAP) – Poesis in analysis: A creative medium uniting religious, aesthetic and psychoanalytic perspectives for individuals suffering the unresolved consequences of abuse and other early trauma.

Roger Brooke (IRSJA affilitate member) – Ubuntu and the individuation process: Towards a multicultural analytical psychology.

Carlos Byington (SBrPA) – The archetypal meaning of the Òris*à Ès*ù in the Afro-Brazilian Yorùbá-Nàgô religion.

Christine Maillard (Hon. Member IAAP) - Carl Gustav Jung’s intercultural thinking

Andrew Samuels (SAP), Sue Austin & John Merchant (ANZSJA), Rod Anderson (SAAJA), Liliana Wahba (SBrPA); Verena Kast (SGAP, AGAP), Thomas Kirsch (SJANC), Luigi Zoja (AGAP, CIPA) - Reactions to Jung: What (if anything) should IAAP do about the bad press he gets? - An international think tank concerning the reputation of analytical psychology.

Joan Chodorow (SJANC) – Soul’s body and the emotions.

Pam Donleavy (NESJA), Ann Shearer (IGAP) - Themis: Archetypal Healing and Reconciliation in Individuals and Cultures; and Erel Shalit (ISAP) – Jerusalem as Metaphor: Image of Wholeness, Shades of Division.

Patrizia Peresso (AIPA) – Sleeping oneiric itineraries and waking oneiric intineraries: Dreams and bioarchitecture as prints of the future -- Itinerari onirici del sonno e intinerari onirici della veglaia. Sogni e bioarchitettura come tracce del futuro; and Liliana Whaba (SBrPA) – Instinct territories: a Galapagos vision of the polarities of life and death.

Franco Michelini-Tocci, Patrizia Marioni (AIPA) – Mystical journey toward Self?


Gert Sauer, Chair (AGAP, DGAP), David Gerbi (AIPA, IIJP) – Making Peace with Kaddafi; Krzysztof Rutkowski (Provisional IM, IAAP) – Involuntary travelers: shadow of traveling in deportations; and Rose-Emily Rothenberg (SJASC) – Returning to the source: the Wildebeest migration and an orphan’s odyssey in Africa.

Catharine Jones (CSJA, IRSJA) – Journey: To find the bones; and Ethne Gray (NESJA) – Journey to Snake: Exploring new directions for modern-day analytical practice of individual and communal healing in the Navajo Sand-Painting Ceremony, "Beautyway."

M. Merce Dominguez, Chair (SEPA), Tadash Maeda (AJAJ) – Encounters with Bushido (the way of the Samurai) and Buddhism in Europe; Manisha Roy (NESJA) – Journey : Outer and inner; and Axel Capriles (AGAP, SVAJ) – Las fantasís del viajero.

IAAP / Institutional Life

Henry Abramovich (IIJP) – Ethical dilemmas in training, analysis and institutional life: Intensive study of key situations.

Ann Casement (AJA) and Hester Solomon (BAP) Co-Chairs, together with Joe Cambray (NESJA), Deborah Egger (AGAP) – Professional Issues in the IAAP.

Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP) – IAAP Intermediate and Final Exam for Routers: Discussion and Evaluation of the Exam Process.

Jan Wiener, Chair (SAP, BAP), Denise Ramos (SBrPA), David Rosen (IRSJA), Verena Kast (SGAP, AGAP), Susan Rowlands (IAJS) - Contemporary Academic and Research Issues for the 21st Century.

Hester Solomon, Chair (BAP) – Meeting of Liaison Persons for Developing Groups.

Hester Solomon, Chair (BAP) – Meeting of Presidents and Liaison Persons for Developing Groups.

Luigi Zoja (AGAP, CIPA), Liliana Wahba (SBrPA), Co-Chairs – Meeting of Liaisons on Ethics in Training.

Luigi Zoja (AGAP, CIPA), Liliana Wahba (SBrPA), Co-Chairs – Panel on Ethics: Focus on Ethics in Training.

Don Williams (IRSJA), Angela Connolly (CIPA), Pia Skogemann (DSAP), Jan Wiener (SAP, BAP) – Recent developments in IAAP Publications and Communication.

Angela Connolly, Chair (CIPA) – Meeting of Editors


Peter Ammann (AGAP, SGAP), several IAAP members and African Traditional Healers - Healing in Two Worlds: African Traditional Healers encounter Jungian Analysts. Similar or different journeys towards healing?

Ian Donald (SAAJA) – The Frontier: An exploration of 'Africa' in the white/colonial psyche, and specifically of dissociation and integration in the contact between Western and African consciousness; and David Cumes (Physician and author on Sangoma) – Sangoma and the Dream Time.

Fernand Schaub (SAAJA) – Honoring the Spirit of Bushmen Stories; and Susan Schwartz (NMSJA, AGAP) – Encountering the wild dog pups.

Various Topics

Paul Ashton (SAAJA), Stephen Bloch (SAAJA), Peter Hodson (SAAJA), Tina Stromsted (DanceTherapist), Stephen Watson (South African poet) – An interdisciplinary encouter with void states.

Michael Horne (NPIAP, SJANC), Warren Colman (SAP) – How do analytical psychologists know what they purport to know.

Tom Singer (SJANC) – Joe Henderson’s drawing and dreams of his initiatory journey.

Judith Pickering (ANZSJA) – 'Here I am!': towards a relational ethics of encounter based on empathy, opacity, and Levinas' concept of alterity.

George Hogenson (CSJA) – Archetypal structure of the global economy.

Claire Allphin (SJANC) – Grappling With Issues In Splitting; and Mary Dougherty (CSJA) – An evocative model for psychoanalytic training.

Gottfried Heuer (AJA) – Journeys through no-space, encounters in no-time, parallel processes in Jungian analysis and supervision.

Special Presentations

Installation - Finding the Heartspace (Reconciliation Labyrinth) - Claire Wilson

Mornings (before the scientific program)

Helen Morgan (BAP) – Dream Matrix (mornings, Tuesday through Friday). Suzy Spradlin and Sam Kimbles (SJANC) – Where we are now (mornings, Tuesday through Friday).

Lunchtime Events

Film – Owl House archetypal images of creative inspiration; followed by a panel discussion including Bruce Lakie (SAAJA) and Reynolds D’Arcy (filmmaker).

Theatre Performance - "Out of the Shadows --- the Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung" A play written by Elizabeth Clark Stern. Toni Wolff - Elizabeth Clark Stern. Emma Jung - Rikki Ricard. Both Ms. Clark and Ms. Ricard are psychotherapists and Ms. Ricard, a psychoanalyst. Introduction and discussion moderator: Lee Roloff (NPIAP); followed by a panel discussion led by Murray Stein with several others.

Film – A long night’s journey into day; followed by a discussion by Susanna Wright (SAP), Lindsey Nicholls (University of Western Cape) – ‘Surprise and recongition’ : experiences of being a stranger in familiar places, of being at home in a strange place.

David Gerbi (IIJP) – Making Peace with Kaddafi (a performance).

Helga Anderssen Plaut, Chair (DGAP) - Meeting of Child analysts.

AGAP meeting Deborah Egger, Chair

Academic Subcommitte meeting.

Developing Groups lunch, arranged by the Gauteng Developing Group.


Marta Bachino (IM) - Working Analytically with Dreams in Two Languages.

Massimo Caci (CIPA) - Jouney and Individuation.

Stefano Carrara, Arrigo Rossi (AIPA) - Between Mental Health and Individuation, A Narrow Path for Psyche: A Italian Report After a Quarter of Century from "Basaglia Law"

Giorgio Cavallari , Caterina Vezzoli (CIPA) - From the Junghian Self to a New Concept of Subjectivity.

Marina Edmonda Episcopi (AGAP, CIPA) - Juvenile Probation: A New Path Towards Individuation.

Elzan Frank (SAAJA) - What do Dreams and Attachment Theories Have in Common? An Exploration of Dreamwork with Adolescents.

Brigit Heuer (BAP) - The Journey Towards Forgiveness: Analytical, Spiritual, and Political Aspects of Healing.

Csilla Kemenczei (SBePA) - La quête de la Femme et du féminin à travers la figure symbolique de la Sirène. La cure de Lucy dans un vestige archaïque de la Grande Mère.

Juan Carlos Martinez (SEPA) - The Log Tió: The sacred nutrition in Catalonia (El Leño Tio: La Nutrición Sagrada en Cataluña).

Zanet Princevac de Villablanca (IM router) - A stuck self-object: Some reflections on being in an interactive field with a person with autism.

Neil Russack (SJANC) - Does the Soul Live On? The Ultimate Journey.

Victoria Yeganeh (AGAP, ANZSJA) - The Analytic Encounter: An Aesthetic Experience.

IAAP Executive Committee

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