Congress Accomodations: coming soon

The Congress organizers will send out a package in mid-January with all the details for registration and accommodations. A wide range of hotels are available near the Convention Centre, and, as it is not holiday season, there is no shortage of room space. Block bookings have already been made and will be announced in the Congress package and on the website. The Congress Organising Committee also will make alternative Bed & Breakfast accommodations available on the IAAP website, but these are not within walking distance of the Convention Centre and will require you to have your own car or make use of taxis.

The most important thing for you to decide at this point is the dates of your flights – the earlier you book those, the cheaper the air tickets are. These should be done by you; however, any information we gather about group discounts and travel websites will be posted here...beginning soon. In the next few days we will also post more information about potentially useful websites for tours, excursions, and travel guides and maps.

IAAP Executive Committee

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