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Questionnaire for the Developing Groups

Name of the Group

Postal address - Fax - E-mail address

Bank account

Current president (or honorary secretary)

IAAP Liaison Person

Other visiting IAAP members and their functions

Brief history of the Group
background - origin - date of official acknowledgement by the IAAP - evolution since then

other similar programs in the region - local status of psychotherapists and analysts

Current composition:
diploma of each member of the Group - current professional activity - age - date of admission in the Group - internal organization of the Group

Please describe briefly:

Study program 2002

Study program 2003

Study program 2004

Other activities:
group supervision - individual supervision - personal analysis (please specify the number of members involved and the frequency of the sessions)

Specific difficulties:
NB: Responsibility for the management of the program and/or the activities above rests with the Developing Group.

Financial organization
local resources - previous IAAP financial support in- other sources of funding (please specify the sources and the amounts) - dues paid to the IAAP

Please discuss your experiences so far with the offices of the IAAP liaison person, the advisor, and any other visiting IAAP members - do you have any suggestion for improvement ?

General observations and perspectives


Sub-Committee for Developing Groups, September 2004