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The Newsletter 26 50th Anniversary edition is divided into 7 section which can be downloaded one at a time.  The 7 sections are as follows :

1.  Executive Committee Reports (pp. 1-34)
2.  Society Reports (pp. 35-101)
3.  Developing Group Reports (pp. 102-136)
4.  Obituaries (pp. 137-154)
5.  IAAP 50th Anniversary Section (pp. 155-195)
    Past Presidents' Reflections (Thomas Kirsch, Verena Kast,
    Luigi Zoja, Murray Stein)
    Claire Douglas : Women Who Helped Found the IAAP
    Ann Casement : A Contribution from the UK
    Ann Casement interviews Rosemary Gordon-Montagnon
    Liliana Liviano Wahba inteviews Carlos Byington
    Patricia Skar interviews Mario Jacoby
    Jan Marlan interviews James Hillman
6.  Photographs from the Archive (pp. 196-206)
7.  Reviews and Announcements (pp. 207-232)