A message from the President

I am happy to announce that our efforts to save Elisabeth Marton’s film “Ich Hiess Sabina Spielrein” ("My name was Sabina Spielrein") were crowned with success.

In fact, the fund-raising activities we undertook made it possible to save the film from the threat of disappearance when the producer went bankrupt. Elisabeth Marton’s company was finally able to repurchase the rights to the film and then offer it to a public looking forward to having access to the film.

You may be aware that this joint action was realized in close collaboration with the International Psychoanalytic Association and provided us with an opportunity to broaden our connection to this institution and to renew and deepen our reflection and research about a decisive moment in our common history.

You may also know that, consequently, the film was presented and discussed by our Freudian colleagues and myself during the IPA Congress in New Orleans in 2003, during our own Congress in Barcelona in 2004, and also in Paris, in the framework of my Psychoanalysis of Art seminar at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts and at the International Association for the History of Psychoanalysis, as well as in Moscow, again with Freudian colleagues. The film will soon be presented in Japan, in Lausanne, Switzerland, and at our next Congress in Cape Town.

Moreover, as per the agreement between the IAAP, the IPA on the one hand, and Elisabeth Marton on the other, her company has provided 25 copies of this film in DVD format.

In addition to the film itself, these copies also contain unpublished documents on Sabina’s life. Copies are available for our Societies, Institutes and Developing Groups in American Standard at our secretariat in Montreal, and in European Standard at our secretariat in Zurich. The European Standard copy can be viewed in German, Swedish or English with subtitles in Swedish, English, Danish, or Italian.

American Standard copies are in German with English subtitles.

You may send your requests to Gloria Smith in Montreal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and ask them to send you a copy of one of these DVDs which you may borrow for two months for your work and research.

These DVDs can now also be ordered on the Internet.

Our wish is that this film, through its documentary and emotional qualities, will contribute to nourish and deepen our members’ reflections on this part of our history that has marked us and that remains, for all of us, very timely.

Christian Gaillard

President, IAAP