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The Program Committee for the XVIIIth International Congress for Analytical Psychology is pleased to invite proposals for presentation at the IAAP Congress in Montreal, Canada, to be held from August 22nd – 27th, 2010. The theme of the Congress will be:

Facing Multiplicity

Psyche   Nature   Culture

A cornerstone of analytical psychology is the notion that multiple realities and multiple selves co-exist within a unified Unus Mundus. These diverse dimensions of world and psyche impact directly on subjective experiences of self and other, attachment and separation, spirituality, nature and culture. We carry this perspective into every aspect of our lives. Our appreciation of multiple perspectives, realities and expressions of self seems to be a common denominator which unites us as analytical psychologists.

In choosing this theme, the Program Committee would like to honour this perspective and provide a forum for discussion and exchange on the question of multiplicity at different levels: archetypal, theoretical, clinical, training, political, imaginal, spiritual, environmental, artistic and cultural. The logo for the Congress, an image from the artist Anca Colbert based on Albrecht Dürer’s Armillary Sphere, captures the essence of the multiple within the whole. The creation of the Armillary Sphere, a woodcut from 1525, contributed to a new understanding of perspective in geometry and was part of the Renaissance movement. The sphere, composed of seven circles and divided into both light and dark, is impacted by the twelve winds depicted by clouds. The twelve winds correspond to the twelve points on the compass, which encircle the globe in the fashion of the IAAP. The interplay of the twelve winds upon each other and upon the whole will influence the direction of the sphere.

This is the first time the IAAP Congress will take place in Canada, a word whose Iroquois origin means “cluster of dwellings”. How fitting that Canada should host the coming together of the diverse clusters of the Jungian world to address our concerns for the inner world as well as for the outer ecological world. Montreal provides an ideal setting to explore the theme of multiplicity. As the largest city in the province of Quebec, the only French speaking enclave in North America, Montreal is a multicultural centre where the French culture and language are both enriched and challenged by its multi ethnic composition and by the overpowering presence and influence of the English language and North American culture. Québec and its culture is a hybrid and unique combination of old Europe and modern North America sculpted into its actual form by the many winds that have blown since its founding a mere 400 years ago.

We heartily encourage you to give your creative energies free rein and invite you to contribute to this discussion and exchange by sending a proposal for consideration by the Program Committee. Proposals for plenary sessions, workshops, clinical supervision groups, inter-disciplinary presentations as well as presentations on art, music, film, and posters are most welcome. While the Program Committee envisions a format inclusive of as many perspectives as possible, we are also sensitive to the need for time to allow for indepth discussion and exchange during our Congress and will work diligently to achieve an optimal balance of both.

Members of Allied Associations of the IAAP are welcome to submit a proposal in conjunction with a member of the IAAP. The IAAP Society and Allied Association affiliation of each member must be clearly indicated in the proposal.

Candidates are welcome to submit proposals for posters if this is allowed in their Institutes.

Posters should be 1 meter in width and 2 meters in height. A prize will be awarded for the best poster presentation at some point during the Congress.

Please send Proposals to:

Julie Lane, Administrator
4650 Madison Ave., Apt. 25
Montreal, Québec H4B 2V4
514 830 9051 phone / 514 488 2098 Fax
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposals should be no more than 500 words, including a title. Also include names of presenter(s) and their IAAP Society affiliations, and specification of the language of presentation. The deadline for submitting proposals is November 1st, 2008; program decisions will be announced in the spring of 2009.

Please note that reception of all proposals will be confirmed as soon as possible in order to ensure that no proposal is lost. If you have not received confirmation within one week, please contact either Julie Lane or Tom Kelly. In order to control costs, only digital presentations, such as Power Point, or over-head projectors will be available for presentations. Should your proposal be accepted, no honoraria or expenses can be paid to presenters. All presenters must pre-register at the full congress fees. Submission of a proposal will be understood to indicate a willingness to attend the entire Congress if the proposal is accepted.

Inquiries about the program should be sent (electronically or by regular mail) to:

Tom Kelly, Chair of the Program Committee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4060 Grey Avenue
Montreal H4A 3P1
Québec, Canada

2010 Congress Program Committee

Tom Kelly, IAAP Vice President (Canada)
Chair of the Program Commitee
Hester Solomon, IAAP President (U.K.)

Joe Cambray, IAAP President Elect (U.S.A.)

Joerg Rasche, IAAP Vice President (Germany)

Paul Kugler, IAAP Honorary Secretary (U.S.A.)

Axel M. Capriles (Venezuela)

Grazia Cerbo (Italy)

François Martin-Vallas (France)

Judith Pickering (Australia)

Kusum Dhar Prabhu (India)