Electra: Tracing a Feminine Myth Through the Western Imagination
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Title:      Electra: Tracing a Feminine Myth Through the Western Imagination
Categories:      Spring Journal
BookID:      9031
Authors:      Nancy Cater
ISBN-10(13):      9781882670987
Publisher:      Spring Journal, Inc.
Publication date:      2003-11
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Electra represents the first sustained attempt to articulate from a Jungian perspective the relevance of the Greek mythic figure of Electra to the psychology of contemporary young girls and women. Describing Electra as a dark puella identified with Saturn, trapped in mourning for her lost father and hatred of her mother, Cater explores how this myth may appear in the lives of women today and how they may deepen their understanding of it.

Cater uses the life and work of the American confessional poet Sylvia Plath to provide a detailed example of how the Electra myth can manifest and describes how desperately Plath struggled during the last few months of her life to let the part of herself identified with Electra die and to give birth to a new identity - drawing upon Plath's own poetry, fiction, letters, and recently published diaries, and on the poems about their marriage published by her husband, Ted Hughes, shortly before his own death. While Plath's story is a tragic one, hope animates the book: the hope that going into a myth can help us perhaps move beyond it and discover that there are other myths which might help dethrone the unchallenged power of this one.


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