Practicing Wholeness: Analytical Psychology and Jungian Thought
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Title:      Practicing Wholeness: Analytical Psychology and Jungian Thought
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BookID:      6034
Authors:      Murray Stein
ISBN-10(13):      9780826409058
Publisher:      Continuum International Publishing Group
Publication date:      1996-05
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Practicing wholeness is an everyday activity which Murray Stein relates to many areas of life: to the private world of inner experience, to religious beliefs, images and rituals, to organisational dynamics and involvements, and to cultural paradigms. His general theory of wholeness integrates Jung's theory of instincts and archetypes. He then turns his eye on daily life and the clinical aspects of treatment that confront the practicing therapist and patient. These include reconstructing personal history, the therapeutic relationship, and psychopathological problems that stand in the way of wholeness.