The Archetypal Significance of Gilgamesh: A Modern Ancient Hero
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Title:      The Archetypal Significance of Gilgamesh: A Modern Ancient Hero
Categories:      Daimon
BookID:      1005
Authors:      Rivkah Scharf Kulger
ISBN-10(13):      3856305238
Publisher:      Daimon Verlag
Publication date:      1991-07-01
Edition:      ZZZ
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Language:      English
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Product Description
It was at the instigation of C.G. Jung that Dr. Kluger undertook the interpretation of the Gilgamesh Epic, the oldest known epic-myth. A classic in world literature, it originated in the Sumero-Babylonian culture, a vital root of modern Western civilization. Rich in poetic imagery and archetypal content, it has not lost its meaning for modern man. In this book, based primarily on her seminars at the Zurich Jung Institute, Dr. Kluger deals with the psychological significance of the hero-king’s fateful adventures, from his building of the city walls to his travel to the "Babylonian Noah" in search of immortality, for which her expertise in the fields of comparative religion and Jungian psychology uniquely fit her. In her vivid yet scholarly presentation, she brings alive the implications of the fascinating episodes of this myth both on a personal and on a collective level; the changes of individual consciousness, and its reactions to unconscious (archetypal) contents, the evolving process of individuation, and the development of religion. Using modern dreams and examples from analytic practice, she shows the relevance of this ancient myth for today’s world and its concerns, from sexuality and homosexuality, the role of the feminine and the still living goddess Ishtar, to the current spiritual search of contemporary mankind.