Disturbances in the Field: Essays in Honor of David L. Miller
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Title:      Disturbances in the Field: Essays in Honor of David L. Miller
Categories:      Spring Journal
BookID:      9042
Authors:      David Miller
ISBN-10(13):      9781882670376
Publisher:      Spring Journal
Publication date:      2006-04-01
Edition:      illustrated edition
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A collection of essays by James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Christine Downing, Wolfgang Giegerich, Stanton Marlan, Paul Kugler, and other leading scholars and Jungian analysts in honor of Dr. David L. Miller. Dr. Miller is Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion Emeritus at Syracuse Univeristy and a retired Core Faculty Member at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Since 1963 Dr. Miller has worked at the intersections of religions and mythologies, literature and literary theory, and depth psychology and is the author of Three Faces of God: Traces of the Trinity in Literature and Life, Hells and Holy Ghosts: A Theopoetics of Christian Belief, and Christs: Meditations on Archetyapl Images in Christian Theology.

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