Special Presentations


Monday evening

  • Sonu Shamdasani will give a presentation on the Red Book with images from the Red Book. This presentation will be in preparation for the Plenary Session on the Red Book on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday evening

  • Spring and Chiron publishers will be hosting a book launch for the following titles:
  • THE AFFECTIONATE CONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE: The Fundament and Purpose of Jungian Symbolic Education by Carlos Byington
  • FRIENDSHIP and HEALING: Analysis of the Dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush by Sheila Dickman Zarrow
  • At Home in the World: Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging by John Hill
  • Psyche and the City: A Soul's Guide to the Modern Metropolis by Tom Singer (ed.)
  • The Organizing Committee is planning a series of events to expose the participants of the Congress to the artistic and cultural side of modern Québec. As we are only seven analysts in Montreal, it was impossible for us to plan on having an evening with the participants of the congress at our homes. Therefore, in lieu of the traditional hospitality evening, the Organizing Committee is working on preparing an evening of events from which you will have to choose including:
  • "La Dernière Fugue", un film réalisé par Léa Pool et inspiré du roman "Une belle mort" de l'écrivain québécois Gil Courtemanche. "La Dernière Fugue" fut présenté en première mondiale à l'occasion de l'ouverture des 28es Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (2010).

    Madame Pool, cinéaste québécoise d'origine suisse (Genève), connaît bien l'oeuvre de Jung. Elle sera présente pour parler de son film qui traite avec sensibilité de la fin de la vie et du suicide assisté. L’échange qui suivra pourra se faire à la fois en français et en anglais. Modérateur: Marcel Gaumond

    “La dernière fugue” (The Last Escape) is a film directed by Léa Pool and inspired from the novel “Une belle mort” by Quebec writer Gil Courtemanche.  The world premiere of “La dernière fugue” was presented for the opening of the 28th “Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois” (2010). Film in French with English sub-titles.

    Léa Pool, a Swiss-born (Geneva) Quebec filmmaker is well acquainted with the works of Carl Gustav Jung. She will talk about her movie in which the subject of end-of-life and assisted suicide is delicately handled. The discussion that will follow the film’s presentation can take place either in French or in English.
    Moderator: Marcel Gaumond
  • An evening of music and song with Marie Bernard, Guy Corneau and Natalie Coupal.

    Concert with Marie Bernard and the Ensemble d’Ondes Martenot:

    Premier prix de Conservatoire, Marie Bernard est une compositrice montréalaise de renom. Son intrument de prédilection s'appelle les Ondes Martenot. Imaginez un piano dont les notes s'exprimeraient en vagues sonores plutôt qu'en petits coups martelés et vous avez Les Ondes Martenot. Le travail de Marie Bernard aux Ondes Martenot nous est tout de suite apparu comme une chance fantastique de présenter une oeuvre originale aux analystes jungiens. En effet, les ondes vibrent et elles nous atteignent bien au-delà du langage. Elles sont l'expression par excellence de l'âme.

    Ce soir Marie Bernard s'associe à deux collègues de l'Ensemble d'Ondes de Montréal pour nous présenter un répertoire tiré des domaines classique et contemporain. Elle y présentera aussi quelques compositions originales. Un événement exceptionnel à ne pas manquer.

    Recipient of the first prize of the Music Conservatory, Marie Bernard is a renowned composer from Montreal. Her instrument of preference is called the Martenot Sound Waves, les Ondes Martenot. If you imagine a piano that would express sound waves instead of notes from the keybaord, you would have what is called the Martenot Sound Waves. The IAAP Congress seemed like an ideal opportunity to present the original work of Marie Bernard with this unusual musical instrument to the Jungian community. The vibrating sound waves manage to reach deeply within and to touch us at a level more profound than that of language. They are the expression par excellence of the soul.

    This evening, Marie Bernard along with her two colleagues Suzanne Binet-Audet and Geneviève Gernier, who comprise the Ensemble d’Ondes de Montréal, the Montreal Sound Wave Ensemble, will present a selection from a repertoire of both classical and contemporary pieces. Marie Bernard will also present a few of her own original compositions. This promises to be an exceptional event which you should not miss.
  • A cocktail and visit of an art gallery on Crescent Street where the curator, Linda Corriveau, will talk about the works of the Québec painter, Corno.
  • At this point in time, these events have been tentatively scheduled and may change from now till the time of the Congress.
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Thursday evening

  • Book Launch and Twentieth Anniversary Honouring All Fay Lecturers and Authors
  • “Synchronicity: Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected Universe” by Joseph Cambray.
  • “The Therapeutic Relationship: Transference, Countertransference and the Making of Meaning” by Jan Wiener.
  • There will be a performance of the Jung-White letters based on the recently published book edited by Ann Lammers. Paul Brutsche and John Hill have the leading roles as C.G. Jung and Victor White respectively. The performance also includes the participation of Ann Lammers, Murray Stein and Heike Weiss.