First Period 13:00 - 14:30

  • Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA), David Tresan (CGJISF), “The Faith Issue and Clinical Practice: Two Personal Statements” (Panel)
  • Stanton Marlan (PSJA, IRSJA), “The Philosopher's Stone as Chaosmos: The Self and the Dilemma of Diversity”

    Morgan Stebbins (JPA), “The Making of Meaning: Context and Essence”
  • Thomas Patrick Lavin (AGAP, IRSJA), “Negotiating Meaning in a De-Animating Culture”
  • Uvi Avital (NIJS), “Reflections on Body, Soul and Spirit: the Unifying Languish of
    the Self”

    Margarita Mendez (SVAJ), “Living House/Living body” (Spanish)
  • Gottfried Heuer (AJA), “The Nature of Burn-Out and the Burn-Out of Nature: The Sloth and the Chickadee. Socio-Psychological, Ecological, Sacral-Political and Ethical Implications. ”

    Barbara Holifield (CGJISF), “Psyche Within the Matrix of the Natural World: Emergence, Restoration and Sustainability”
  • Pamela Power (CGJILA, IRSJA), “Emergent Sexuality: Sadomasochism and the Religious Instinct”

    Deirdre Johnson (AJA), “Are the Anima and the Animus Worth Salvaging? Gender, the ‘Erotic Other’ and the Notion of Versatility”
  • Melinda Haas (JPA), “The Tonic is Won (One): Multiplicity and Hierarchy in Music”

    Aimé Agnel (SFPA), “Le travail paradoxal du Soi dans la musique contemporaine” (French)
  • Gerhard Burda (ÖGAP), “Self and Intercollectivity: Alterity, Antagonism,

    Guenter Langwieler (DGAP), “The Archetype of the Barbarian and the Split of Civilized Man”
  • Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP), Meeting of IAAP Routers


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Second Period 15:00 - 16:30

  • Ann Belford Ulanov (JPA), “The One in the Many and the Many in the One”
  • Anna Panepucci (AIPA), “Where is the Point of Separation? Pauli and Jung Modify the Phylogenetically Oriented Split Between Subject and Object, Mental and Physical: A Current Reflection”
  • Franco Castellana (AIPA), Jean Kirsch (CGJISF), Patrizia Michelis (AIPA), Dyane Sherwood (CGJISF), “Developmental Voids: Sandplay Within the Analytic Frame” (Panel)
  • David Tacey, (La Trobe University, Australia), “The Ecology of Soul and Nature: Jung, Hillman and the Aboriginal Dreaming”
  • Jules Cashford (AJA), “The Myth of the Messenger: Imagination as Daimon, Angel and Muse”

    Jerome Bernstein (NMSJA, IRSJA), “The Borderland Patient: Reintroducing Nature as the Missing Dimension in Clinical Treatment. What I’ve learned from Navajo Medicine Men”
  • Erel Shalit (IIJP), “Self, Meaning and the Transient Personality”

    Manisha Roy (NESJA, AGAP), “The Paradox in Multiplicity of Psyche, Nature and Culture”
  • Steven Galipeau (CGJILA), “Wilderness in North America: The Call of the Wild”

    Mariette Mignet (SFPA), “Du Poitou au Canada et retours, les Acadiens entre altérité et identité” (French)
  • Christopher Hauke (SAP), “Again...Multiplicity in Narratives, Film and Culture.”

    Margaret Klenk (JPA, PAJA), Face to Face:Images and Dynamics of “Facing”
  • Carlo Melodia (CIPA, AGAP), “Uno, nessuno, centomilla. Dissociazone et individuatione nella la narrativa di Pirandello e in psicologia analitica” (Italian)

    Freddy Guevara (SVAJ), “The Absurd in Our Culture”
  • Joerg Rasche (DGAP), Toshio Kawai (AJAJ), Tamar Kron (IIJP), Denise Ramos (SBrPA), “IAAP in the Academic World Today: Projects of the Academic Sub-Committee”
  • Ann Casement (BAP), Christian Gaillard (SFPA), Richard Willetts (CGJISF), and Ursula Wirtz (SGAP), “An Open Discussion of Challenging Ethics Issues Facilitated by Members of the IAAP Ethics Committee – Unspoken Questions with Few Easy Answers”
  • Alan Friend (AGAP, IRSJA), “On the Path of the Greasemakers: The Wedding of Nature and Culture” (Film)


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Third Period 17:00 - 18:30

  • Jacqueline J. West (NMSJA, IRSJA), Nancy J. Dougherty (IRSJA, CSJA), “Falling Stars: The Shadows and Gifts of American Narcissism”
  • Elisabeth Bauch Zimmerman (AGAP, AJB), Joel Salles Giglio (AJB), “Experience in Music, Movement and Image for Integration of Inner Process” (Workshop)
  • Misser Berg (DSAP), August Cwik (CSJA, IRSJA), Jane Kammerling (CSJA, IRSJA), Lisbet Myers Zacho (DSAP), “Analytical Psychotherapy: the Shape of Things to Come?” (Models of Training)
  • Peter Ammann (AGAP, SGAP), Muriel McMahon (AGAP, IRSJA), Moderators
    Diane Longboat, Cindy White, Stephen Jenkinson, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Richard Atleo, Jerome Bernstein (NMSJA, IRSJA)
    : “Healing in a Multicultural World: Jungian Analysts Encounter First Nation Healers” (Panel - Part One)
  • Krzysztof Rutkowski (IM), “Trauma as a Reason for Complexes and Its Projections”

    Betsy Cohen (CGJISF), “The Complacent Complexity of Complexes: Tangled up in Blues”
  • Arlo Compaan (CSJA), “Facing Multiplicity in Supervision/Consultation: Shame and Awe Intolerance in the Experience of the Self” (Supervision)

    Stephan Alder (DGAP), “Supervision in a Group: The Self, the Other and the Group” (Supervision)
  • Kristine Connidis (AGAP), “Unconscious Bias?”

    Ursula Hohler (SGAP, AGAP), “Dealing With Inner and Outer Marginalization as an Important Part of Our Professional Work”
  • Julia Ryde (BAP), “Dog-Walking: Not Just a Walk in the Park”

    Robert M. Mercurio (AGAP, CIPA), “Mercurius: Life and Spirit of Unconscious Processes”
  • Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Jan Wiener (SAP), Meeting of Developing Groups Presidents and Liaison Persons

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