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Montreal is an extremely pedestrian-friendly city comprised of quaint yet diverse neighbourhoods. Each offers its own unique perspective of life on the island, with a rich assortment of restaurants, cultural venues, businesses and most importantly, residents. And unlike many North American urban centres, we actually live in the downtown core, making it a welcoming, interesting and safe place for citizens and visitors alike.

Montrealers speak English and French with remarkable ease, as well as a host of other languages. It doesn’t matter where you are or to whom you speak—from our taxi drivers to our concierges to our sommeliers—conversation flows, so you can relax and enjoy every moment and experience of the city.

Montreal is truly an experience: old world charm, French joie de vivre and a modern style all its own. There is something for everyone: fine dining, shopping downtown, a pleasant stroll through Old Montréal, an afternoon to explore the city and its colourful neighbourhoods, a trip up Mont-Royal...


Climate in August


Days are often sunny and warm with an average of 20°C (69°F).

photo credits:
Environment Canada's Biosphère / Parc Jean-Drapeau © Environment Canada's Biosphère
Quays of the Old Port of Montreal / Old Montreal and Old Port © Marie-Reine Mattera
Place d'Armes / Old Montreal and Old Port ©, le photographe masqué
Rooftops © Age Fotostock