First Period 13:00 - 14:30

  • Ashok Bedi (CSAJ), “India: An Odyssey of an Ancient Continuous Civilization”
  • Angela Graf-Nold (SAGP), “C.G. Jungs ETH Lectures on "Modern Psychology" 1933- 36: His Contributions to Scientific and Political Culture.
  • Carlos Byington (SBrPA, AGAP), “The Archetypal Theory of History and the Archetypal Patterns of Individual and Collective Consciousness”

    Michael Vannoy Adams (JPA), “The Invisible Hand and the Economic Unconscious: the Most Important Image of the Last 250 years”
  • Claudia Morelli Gadotti (SBrPA), Vera Colson Valente (SBrPA), “The Masters and the Slaves: Mixed Races in the Constitution of the Brazilian Soul”
  • ***Sam Kimbles (CGJISF), Suzy Spradlin (CGJISF), “Chaos, Diversity and Cultural Complexes in Society and in Analytic Institutes”
    *** Restricted Access: Analysts Only***
  • Gretchen Heyer (IRSJA), “Caught Between Cultures”

    Albertino Del Lungo (ARPA, SEPA), “ Lingua e Identia: Come abitare le lingua dell'altro nel setting analitico” Language and Cultural Identity in the Analytic Setting: Dwelling Within the Other’s Language (Italian and English)
  • Diane Cousineau-Brutsche (AGAP, SGAP), “Earthquake in Job's Inner Landscape. The Book of Job: A tale of Individuation and its Therapeutic Relevance”

    Chie Lee (CGJILA), “Chinese Avant-Garde Art: Body and Spirit in Struggle for New Cultural Identity”
  • Federico De Luca Comandini (AIPA, AGAP), “Active Imagination as a Path Towards Psychological Synthesis and Ethical Renewal”
  • Joerg Rasche (DGAP), JoAnn Culbert- Koehn (CGJILA, IRSJA), Margo Leahy (CGJISF), “How to Become a Jungian Child Analyst: Experiences and Current Training Models in Jungian Child Analysis: A Report from the IAAP Working Party”
  • James Hillman (IRSJA); Gustavo Barcellos (AJB), Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), Kazuhiko Higuchi (AJAJ), Stan Marlan (PSJA, IRSJA), Sherry Salman (JPA), David Tacey (La Trobe University, Australia), Luigi Turinese (AIPA): “COSMOS/CULTURE/CLINIC: the Moves and Ideas of Archetypal Psychology. A long and pleasant conversation” (Panel)


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Second Period 15:00 - 16:30

  • James Hillman (IRSJA) et al: Panel continued
  • W. Ladson Hinton, III, (NPIAP, CGJISF), W. Ladson Hinton, IV, (University of California, Davis), Devon E, Hinton (Harvard University), Alexander L. Hinton (Rutgers University), “Unus Mundus: Transcendent Truth or Comforting Fiction? Overwhelm and the Search for Meaning in a Fragmented World” (Panel)
    Moderator: Tom Kirsch
  • Gert Sauer (AGAP, DGAP), “C.G. Jung, Symbol and Russian Symbolism”
  • Sandrina Fersurella (AIPA), “The Mask and the Mirror: Vicissitudes of the Self and Phenomenon of Mobbing”

    Gadi Maoz (NIJS), “In Search of Psyche - Soma Integration: Exploring the Land of the Dead with Trauma Survivors”
  • Frances Parks (IRSJA), “Bridging the Domains of Jungian Practice and Evidence-Based Research”

    Tamar Kron (IIJP), “Dreams in the Nights of Terror: Continuous Stress and Coping”
  • Marta Bachino (IM), “Two Tongues for a Dream”

    Ann Kutek (BAP), “Keeping the Baby and Changing the Bath Water: Between Translation and Interpretation”
  • Massimo Caci (CIPA), Angiola Iapoce (CIPA), “Le dialogue comme modèle africain de l'analyse” (French)
  • Patrizia Michan (IRSJA), “The Flowering of Multiplicity out of Unity: An Aztec Myth and its Clinical Application”

    Nami Lee (KAJA), “Mago Goddess: an Archaic Creator Symbol in Korean Myth”
  • Yashuro Tanaka (AJAJ), “Entering and Dividing: On Transcendental Vertical Crossing in its Own Impossibility”

    Gonzalo Himiob (AVPA, NESJA), “Transitional Spaces”
  • Angela Connolly (CIPA), Meeting of Editors
  • “The Multiplicity of Active Imagination.”
    Presentation of “At the Threshold,” a film about the life and work of Carolyn Grant Fay, Honorary Member, followed by discussion with Antonella Adorisio (CIPA), Joan Chodorow (CGJISF), Jacqueline Gerson (IM), Anita Greene (NESJA), Margarita Mendez (SVAJ), Renate Oppikofer (SGAP) & Tina Stromsted (CGJISF). Languages: Film is in English, with French subtitles.


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Third Period 17:00 - 18:30

  • Panel of Freudian and Jungian Analysts. Christian Gaillard (SFPA) and Alain Gibeault (Parisian Society of Psychoanalysis, IPA) Co- Chairs. Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Eduardo Gastelumendi (Peruvian Society of Psychoanalysis, IPA), Verena Kast (SGAP, AGAP) “Primal Fantasies and/or 'Archetypes': Clinical and Theoretical Convergences and Differences”
  • Bernad Sartorius (SGAP, AGAP), “Islam: New Life in an Old Archetype”

    Ron Schenk (IRSJA), “Multiplicity in the Fundamental: The Interweaving of American and Islamic Myth”
  • Joy Norton (ANZSJA), “Songlines, Waka and Harenga: Rich Metaphors for Psychological Transitions in Jungian Training” (Models of Training)

    Carola Mathers (AJA), “Dreaming a New Analytic Training” (Models of Training)
  • ***Lynn Alicia Franco (CGJISF), Christine Hejinian (CGJISF), Cornelia St. John, (IPA) “The Art of Group Consultation: Working with Multiplicity of Representation, Theory, Clinical Intuition and Meaning” (Supervision)
    ***Restricted Access: Therapists Only*** 20 participants
  • Peter Ammann (AGAP, SGAP), Muriel McMahon (AGAP, IRSJA), Moderators
    Diane Longboat, Cindy White, Stephen Jenkinson, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Richard Atleo, Jerome Bernstein (NMSJA, IRSJA)
    : “Healing in a Multicultural World: Jungian Analysts Encounter First Nation Healers” (Panel - Part Two)
  • Monika Wikman (NMSJA, IRSJA), “Lumena Natura - The Light in Nature: The life and Work of Emily Carr”

    Penelope Holland (BAP), John Buchan's “Sick Heart River”: Death or Individuation?”
  • Claire Allphin (CGJISF, IRSJA), “Secret Agonies in Analytic Communities”

    Jacqueline Zeller-Levine (NMSJA, IRSJA), “The Hole, the Whole and the Holy: The Multiplicities of Secrets, Silence, and the Search for Meaning”
  • Barbara Miller (NAAP, AGAP), “The Coastal Sami Healer's Diagnosis”

    John Merchant (ANZSJA), “The Shaman Archetype: Template for Individuation or the Wounded Healer?”
  • Beth Darlington (NYAAP), “C.G. Jung and the Once and Future Grail”

    Eberhard Riedel (IRSJA, NPIAP), “Fundamentalism and the Quest for the Grail: On the Experience of Relating”
  • Anna Ledbetter (AGAP, IRSJA), “The Stigma Complex: Intimate Profiles in Mental Health” (Film)

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