Membership List and Database login:

New analysts

  • If you are a new analyst, check to see if a record has already been created for you in the database.
  • Click the limited public record --List of IAAP Analysts-- in the Main Menu to view the "name, city, country, and society membership" of IAAP analysts
  • Enter your last name in the first field and click the "Show results" button.
  • If your record appears but you have not received your login information, contact the webmaster by e-mail ( and request your Login Name and Password. After receiving this information by e-mail, you can login, edit your record, enter a new password, and locate other analysts.

When to enter a new record

  • If you search and do not yet have a record in the Directory-Database, then click
    New Record here and you should be able to follow the link and add your data on a new screen.
  • When you submit your entry, your record will be activated as soon as possible and you will then receive your Login Name and Password from the webmaster.
  • In the meantime, you can click this link IAAP Database Tutorial September 2010 to learn how to navigate and use the Database.