Application Information

Application Information
for Individual Training and Membership
in the IAAP

In order to apply for a screening interview, each applicant must provide the following:

A completed and signed application form indicating that you have read the IAAP Code of Ethics and IAAP Statement of Non-discrimination and agree to abide by it. This signed copy must be sent to the Chair of the Individual Membership Sub-Committee, either by email through a scanned document, or by regular mail to the following address:

Angela M. Connolly
Via Agostino Bassi 13
Rome 00191

Please note that applicants must check off the four lines pertaining to the Code of Ethics and Statement of Non-discrimination.

For convenience, I have included the necessary documents in attachment to this email.

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV), which can be sent by email.

  • An autobiographical statement of 10 pages in length, double spaced, where applicants share their understanding of current patterns in your life and their relevance to your childhood and family. It is also important to include the reasons for wanting to become a Jungian analyst. This can be emailed to the Chair of the Individual Membership Sub-Committee as well.

  • Confirmation of the hours of analysis. This can be requested from the analyst who should e-mail this to the Chair of the Individual Membership Sub-Committee directly. A minimum of 25 hours of face to face analysis is required before a screening interview can be given.

  • Payment of a screening interview fee. The regular screening interview fee is 250 CHF. It is possible to request a reduction in this fee if this is necessary. A request for a reduction in the fee should be sent to the Chair of the Individual Membership Sub-Committee by email.

  • Payment can be made in one of two ways :

    1) By credit card payment. In this case, the applicant will need to contact Yvonne Trüeb, IAAP Secretary, and send her his/her credit card number, name on the card, expiry date, and security number. The applicant should also state clearly the reason for the payment: a screening interview. Yvonne Trüeb can be contacted at the following email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    2) Payment by bank transfer. Here is the information needed to make payment by bank transfer of funds:

    Bank address :
    UBS AG
    8098 Zürich
    Swift Code : UBSWCHZH80V

    holder : IAAP - International Association for Analytical Psychology.
    CHF Account : ________________
    account # CHF : 0206-P0332597.0
    IBAN : CH46 0020 6206 P033 2597 0

Any questions about the application process should be directed to the Chair of the Individual Membership Sub-Committee who will be glad to help guide the applicant through this process.


Angela M. Connolly
Chair, Individual Membership Sub-Committee