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When we did the new IAAP website we have a few things in mind:

  • Organize the content better. You can see this in the menu organization and also in internal pages. We hope that you can find in a easier way what you are looking.
  • A pleasant design.
  • User Experience: we want the user to get the content he wants in fewer steps. Content should be readable (as fonts, spacing and color contrast).
  • Website Layout: we want to present the information in a clear and organized layout. Easy to read and easy to spot important things. Easy to navigate further to related articles. Focus on content (white background for articles; articles positioning on the left while sidebar is on right)
  • Modern web techniques: some areas were modernized using web techniques that makes the website to respond better and faster to user requests (example: search feature, photo galleries, audio recordings, tabs, list or boxes)
  • Better Security
  • Better Frontpage: with a more dynamic look and with more news areas.

We will present in the following a few aspects.



New Frontpage

When you open first time the IAAP website we want for you to get the most useful information in the fastest time possible. We have redesigned the way you can interract with our website and we hope that you will find it pleasant and easy to navigate

  • Page links: you will find links in all places - starting with top menu, main menu, read more links and footer page links.
  • Header slides: most important announcements
  • Mini Events Calendar: Short presentation of upcoming events. More detailed one can be checked in News menu and articles about events in corresponding menu sections (example: Congresses, Conferences)
  • Current News: offers a selection of news from the entire website.
  • IAAP and CG Jung: as there are other people as well that check our website, we offer a short description about it followed by more useful related links

Menu Organization

We have reorganized the menus and their presentation in the website.

  • The Main Menu from the header area starts in a logical way with information about IAAP (Who We Are): mission structure, societies, documents and some history.
  • IAAP is in fact an Analysts association, so next menu presents information about Analysts. Here there is also a section viewable only for registered (and logged in) anaylists.
  • Major IAAP events are the Congresses that are presented in next menu. We will continue to enhance this section as we will have more materials to present.
  • Other analysts meetings are announced in Conferences menu - in a year by year presentation.
  • We have grouped under Resources menu more submenus related to files to download from our website, books recommendations and also some limited preview books from Google. We have also a large database of external Web Links and a growing section of Media resources (audio, video, photo)
  • We continue with Articles that could not be grouped in other menus(interviews, articles on a theme)
  • In the News menu you will find an Events Calendar and latest announcements. You will find also a news selection on the IAAP first page (opening page)
  • Last menu is My Account: here you can login/logout, edit your account details (after login) or Forum profile (after login)

Using the Website

  • In the right sidebar you will almost always have a context of the current viewing page. So if you selected a page from a submenu the right sidebar will present you the siblings of the selected submenu (selected submenu will be highlighted). This way you will be able to navigate faster in a section that you are interested in.
  • If a submenu has more articles, when you will visit them the sidebar will keep your original submenu selected so you will know always were you are (you can click on highlighted submenu again to get back the starting page for that submenu). This is very useful in complex pages like Congress presentations with a lot of articles
  • On right sidebar you will have almost on all pages a Google Translate box. Use it to translate the current page from English into other language. As a tip: you can use it to translate foreign language articles into English as well. Note: the translation is computer generated so do not expect perfect results; however it gives us sufficient idea about the text.
  • More sections of the website were redesigned and are using more responsive design techniques. We recommend you to check for example Cape Town and Barcelona congress pages for an integrated summary page of how it was there (Congresses menu). Also the Media section (Resources menu) was refactored. Note that media pages may load slowly because photograps, audios or videos are resources that have a big size.
Sidebar Menu


New Search Feature

In the right sidebar you will always have a Search box. The search offered is an enhanced version that saves you time by presenting results in the same page.

  • How to use: just start to write a few characters (example: "Fay") and then wait a little. Under search box a box will dropdown with more article results containing your search term (that is highlighted in their context).
  • Result pagination: if there are more results you will see small previous/next arrows at the bottom of the search box
  • Choose result: click on any result you want and you will be taken to the chosen page.


We have a new forum installed.

  • Only registered IAAP website users are allowed to post here.
  • Your IAAP website user account is the same as for the Forum.
  • However in the Forum there are some extra profile information that you can fill.
  • You can post and subscribe to discussions and you can get email notifications when the discussion is updated.
  • Discussions will be grouped in categories and the most important ones will be marked as featured.

What's next

IAAP website is a very big website. As we moved to a new version there is possible that some errors to be in place. Especially we are expecting that some links inside articles to point to pages that are not existing anymore as they may be moved to a different place. We will be gratefull if you will help us to fix those by reporting such errors to our webmaster

We will continue to improve the website and add new content even on old events. New features will be added in time as well. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Being such a big website we are constantly under hacker attacks. So security is an important area we are focussing on and upgrading the website was a priority from this point of view as well.

Now the Forum and the main website have an unified login system. The Database Directory remains for now a separate external application (with separate login) and we will focus on it as well to have a better integration with current website.


IAAP Executive Committee

Link to the IAAP Officers and Executive Committee