IAAP Website Crash

Website Crisis

The server that hosted the IAAP website failed and lost all of our data.  Our database manager, Lucian Apostol, had backed up the database and he was able to restore the site with the exception of "doc," "pdf" and graphics files. We have since moved to another webhost, LunarPages.com, and we are in the process of restoring and renovating the website in the background.

Although our database manager, Lucian Apostol, recovered much of the IAAP website, you will see that there are some links that do not function. Since the end of October we have been redesigning the website, restoring important files from the original documents, and adding new features. The current website template is temporary.

The database/directory of analysts' records (www.iaap.org/database_directory) had been backed up separately on the database manager's computer and it was restored soon after the crash. There were, however, new entries since the Congress that were lost during the crash and we will be restoring these from e-mail copies of the updated records.

Thanks for your patience.
Don Williams
IAAP Webmaster

Lucian Apostol
Database Manager and Programmer