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  • Certification in Psychoanalysis for Psychologists

    National Board Certification in Psychoanalysis for Psychologists

    Are you interested in increasing your opportunities for professional practice, career mobility, streamlined State licensing, by acquiring the credential nationally recognized as evidence of advanced competency in Psychoanalysis?

    The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) is the national organization for Board Certification in Practice Specialties within North American Professional Psychology, including Psychoanalysis.

    Board Certification Membership Benefits

    • Public recognition of national board certification in Psychoanalysis
    • Increased expert practice knowledge and access to CE credits
    • Employment opportunities and advancement in education and government
    • Interaction with other distinguished nationally board certified psychologists
    • Membership as a Fellow of the Academy of Psychoanalysis
    • Opportunity for contributions to the profession of Psychoanalysis

    The American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis (ABAPsa) is the national board providing competency-based examination for Psychologists practicing Psychoanalysis in North America, similar to national certification boards for specialties within the practices of law and medicine. Psychoanalysis is a specialty recognized by the American Psychological Association.

    Interested in learning more about Board Certification in Psychoanalysis?

    Contact us at

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  • IAAP Council of Societies : February 2013

    The upcoming Council of Societies in February 2013 will be held in preparation for the Meeting of Delegates to take place at the IAAP Congress in Copenhagen in August 2013.

    As mentioned in previous correspondence, because of the importance of having a full discussion of the revisions to the IAAP Constitution, there will be a two day Council this term. Furthermore, each society will be permitted to send two representatives, however, to plan for an adequate venue (there are several possibilities at the Engimatt Hotel and we need to make reservations at this time), you are requested to please reply with the number of people (0, 1 or 2) who will attend for your group. If you have a representative on the Executive Committee, then that person should be counted as one of vour representatives. The IAAP cannot pay for travel or accommodations of non-Executive Committee members but will supply meals for the days of the meetings.

    The dates of the meetings will be Saturday, February 9 and Sunday, February 10, 2013.

    The hotel where the meetings will take place is :

    Hotel Engimatt
    Engimattstrasse 14
    CH-8002 Zurich
    Tel +41 (0) 44 284 1616

    Rooms can be reserved at this

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  • Philemon Foundation 2012

    The Philemon Foundation is preparing for the publication of the Black Books 1913-1932 --a facsimile edition of six volumes. On December 17th, W.W. Norton will release the Philemon Series' text only version of The Red Book and on December 23rd Princeton University Press will release The Genesis of Psychological Types: The Correspondence between C. G. Jung and Hans Schmid: 1915-1916 .

    Philemon Foundation

    As we move toward a new year, the Philemon Foundation is pleased to report on its many projects.

    We are especially thrilled to announce that we are now preparing for publication the long awaited Black Books 1913-1932 of C. G. Jung.

    The Black Books will come to publication in cooperation between the Philemon Foundation, the Foundation of the Works of C. G Jung, and W. W. Norton, publisher of Liber Novus, The Red Book . They will be a major contribution to the historical documentation of psychological exploration.

    The Black Books are not personal diaries, but the records of the unique self-exploration Jung called his 'confrontation with the unconscious.' In them, Jung recorded his engagement with his inner world, his dreams, fantasies, and psychic experience. Approximately fifty percent of the The Red Book derives directly from the Black Books between 1913

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  • Fundraising : Counselling Services for Refugees


    'I didn't trust anybody. I had lost all confidence and thought I would never trust anyone again. With my counsellor...I have changed. I have begun to trust people again.'

    Refugees and asylum seekers come to Oxford from countries with poor human rights records. Since 1999, we have worked with refugees and asylum seekers who are referred to us shattered and demoralised by experiences of persecution, torture, rape, bereavement and displacement.

    In addition to the suffering in their countries of origin and in getting to the UK, problems are often compounded by pressing practical issues. Asylum claims can take several years to be resolved, sometimes well over a decade, during which time many asylum seekers have no right to work or claim benefits, which means ongoing acute poverty, uncertainty and insecurity. This pushes many over into complete hopelessness.

    Although they may come to our service incoherent or even occasionally mute with horror and suffering, we are able to help them to find a voice and express themselves in a safe and confidential setting. The chances of success in counselling are good.

    Those who have managed to get to the UK have survived where many others have not. Many are professional people

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  • International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority

    International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority

    This announcement is addressed to those of its recipients who may be interested in joining the newly inaugurated International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority. Born from intellectual excitement engendered by the writings of Wolfgang Giegerich, the Society is dedicated to the development of a psychology that is truly psychological in its spirit and conception. With the participation and thoughtful contributions of its membership to the issues with which we will be interested, the aim of the Society is to further develop and critique the thinking initiated by Giegerich in his The Soul’s Logical Life and Collected English Papers , vols. I to IV.

    In addition to the online resources that will be available to members (which includes a discussion forum), there will be a conference for members and interested non-members in Berlin at which Wolfgang Giegerich will present as keynote speaker. Scheduled to take place from July 23th through the 25th 2012 at the Crown Plaza Berlin City Centre Hotel, the theme of the conference is “Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority.”

    As members of the Society those who decide to join us will be kept posted regarding

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  • The Voice of Jung on BBC Radio 4

    The events to mark commemoration of his life are taking place across the Jungian world. His thinking continues to attract millions of people around the world, his legacy continues to live in our work, and different expressions of that legacy continue to emerge. In 2009 we saw the publication of the Red Book and at present the IAAP, in collaboration with The British Library, is involved in identifying a set of audio wires with Jung’s voice giving colloquia in English and German, which were recently discovered in the British Library storeroom. A snippet of the recording of Jung’s voice from one of the wires featured in the BBC Radio 4 programme Archive on 4 this March, about restoration of some very rare recordings, including a voice of Florence Nightingale and a not yet publicised speech of Nelson Mandela. Once the wires with Jung’s colloquia are digitalised they will be accessible to designated IAAP colleagues to identify them, and the translations of the colloquia will be planned for the near future. The digitalised tapes will become part of the Sound Archives of The British Library, and the treasure of Jungian scholarship will be enriched by another valuable contribution.

    In the September

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