IAAP Congress 2004 : Barcelona

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Barcelona Congress 2004

Prof.Dr. Christian Gaillard:   Opening Address

It is a pleasure and an honour for me to welcome you to the 16th international congress of Analytical Psychology. And my pleasure is heightened all the more because today we have come together in Barcelona. I love Barcelona, and I am sure you will too. This town has memory. This evening, thanks to our colleagues at the SEPA, and notably to Pere Segura, we will be together at Santa Maria del Mar. I am sure you will be taken aback, like myself, by the strong and immediate presence of the past, of history, in this church which makes us live today as we were in the twelfth century.

And no doubt later we will walk around the Bario Gottico, the old, medieval quarter of Barcelona, which also, in its own quite labyrinthine way, is living before our eyes at each step. In this town the past is present. And alive.

But Barcelona is an emerging town as well. A most audacious and inventive modernity permeates everywhere. You will see this while walking in the new highly active districts that are developing between where we are and the historical centre.

This town is inventing its social, political, and cultural future. Indeed I believe that one of the marked characteristics of our modern and democratic societies is being called at the same time to consider their past and invent their future, notably through the establishment of the most creative possible other relationships between people and themselves, each other, and the world.

Barcelona is creating its future. Surprised by what is happening to it, what it is becoming. Without ever losing sight of Montserrat, Gaudi, Picasso, Miro, or contemporary design, which already has a history here.

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Edges of Experience: Memory and Emergence

Proceedings of the 16th International IAAP Congress
for Analytical Psychology
Edited by Lyn Cowan

Edited by Lyn Cowan

Copyright © 2006 by Daimon Verlag and the authors,
Am Klosterplatz, CH-8840 Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

full-length CD-Version ISBN: 3-85630-707-9 (978-3-85630-707-3)
printed book ISBN: 3-85630-700-1 (978-3-85630-700-4)

Cover design by Gary Stern, in collaboration with Robert Hinshaw and with thanks to Janie Joseland, utilizing the photo ‘Edge of Barcelona’ by RH.
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Barcelona 2004 Congress Papers

We have grouped the papers presented in Barcelona Congress by day.
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