Hans Dieckmann

1921 - 2005

In the early morning of February 12th Hans Dieckmann died in Berlin at the age of 83. Most of us will recall him as President of the German Association for Analytical Psychology DGAP 1971 - 1980 and as President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology IAAP 1983 - 1989.

Hans Dieckmann received his training in Berlin and Zürich and became one of the most influential Jungian Analysts of his time. He appeared as the founder of several Instituts and member groups of the IAAP around the world. The publications carrying his authorship are numerous and widely spread. He was among the first to give enhanced consideration to fairytales under a Jungian perspective. Dreams, mythology the structure of complexes as well as ecological and political issues belonged to his favorite themes. Hans Dieckmann understood his rich work as well as his personal life as being grounded in the Archetypal Structure of the unus mundus on one hand and in its constellations in the actual world on the other. The IAAP Berlin Congress 1986 'The Archetype of the Shadow in a split World' became a central event in his life. Among his many activities his engagement for the IPPNW - International Physicians against Nuclear War - has to be mentioned in this context.

Hans Dieckmann was blessed with a close loving relationship to his wife Ute, who died three years ago. Ute Dieckmann, Training Analyst at the Berlin C.G. Jung-Institute, had been around him, shaped his writings, gave birth to their four children and became a mother of our institute and of the DGAP. Hannes missed her a lot and finally agreed to follow her. He died in peace from internal diseases - and his age, thankful for a rich life.

The funeral will take place at February 23rd in Berlin-Dahlem, Waldfriedhof.

Jörg Rasche, MD
President of DGAP