Schedule for Plenaries

IAAP Congress XVII  :  Cape Town, South Africa  :  2007

The schedule for Plenary Sessions is accessible through the above link.  However, if you prefer to have a copy in Word or PDF format, you can download your choice : select "Downloads" from the "Main Menu" and then select the "Cape Town Congress 2007" link -- you can download the information in list and table/grid formats.

Congress XVII  :  Cape Town, South Africa  

Plenaries  :  August 13-17 2007

Monday August 13, 2007
Opening Address (English).  Mamphela Ramphele (South Africa)
“Trauma, Forgiveness and the Witnessing Dance: Making Public Spaces Intimate” (English).  Pumula Gobodo-Madikizela (South Africa)
“Shifting Shadows:  Shaping Dynamics in the Cultural Unconscious” (English). Catherine Kaplinsky (UK)
“Jungian Psychology in South Africa” (English).  Renos Papadopoulos (UK) and Graham Saayman (South Africa)

“There is a Crocodile in Me” – Ian McCallum (South Africa)

Tuesday August 14, 2007
“Race, Racism and Inter-racialism in Brazil:  Clinical and Cultural Perspectives” (English).  Walter Boechat and Paula Pantoja Boechat (Brazil)
“Das Fremde im Raum der Therapie“ (Deutsch).  Uwe Langendorf (Germany)

Film: “Jung in Africa: The Historical Record” – Blake Burleson (USA)

Wednesday August 15, 2007
“My Heart is on My Tongue: the Untranslated Self in a Translated World” (English).  Antjie Krog (South Africa)
Panel: “Jung’s Journey to Africa” (English).  John Beebe, Chair (USA), Nadine Gordimer (South Africa), Michael Vannoy Adams (USA), Sam Kimbles (USA)
Delegates Meeting

Drumming followed by “On Trail – The Interpretation of Wilderness” – Ian Player (South Africa)

Thursday August 16, 2007
“About the Transferential Chimera” (French/English).  François Martin-Vallas (France)
“Encounter with a Traditional Healer: Western and African Therapeutic Approaches in Dialogue” (Italian/English).  Suzanne Maiello (Italy)
“Brain Mechanisms of Dreaming” (English).  Mark Solms (South Africa) and Response by Margaret Wilkinson (UK)


Friday August 17, 2007
“New Directions Home:  African Oracles and Analytic Attitudes” (English).  Sherry Salman (USA)
Panel: “The Idea of the Numinous” (English).  Ann Casement, Chair (UK), John Dourley (Canada), Murray Stein (Switzerland), David Tacey (Australia), Ann Ulanov (USA)
Wrap Up
Closing Remarks