Books on Nature in the Cape

The following books are available through and other sources. 

Explore the Cape Flora: Plants and Animals (Paperback)
by Margo Branch
Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (1 Dec 1998)
Language English
ISBN: 0521585538

It is a delightful very accessible book suitable for both adults and children.

Southern African Birdfinder
by Callan Cohen and Claire Spottiswoode 
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Struik Publishers (April 2006)
Language English
ISBN: 1868727254

A very easy birding book with descriptions of birding spots, directions on how to get there, birds likely to be seen there, etc. It does not describe the actual birds or help with identification.

Birds of Southern Africa
by Nigel Dennis
Hardcover: 112 pages
Publisher: Sunbird (15 Sep 1999)
Language English
ISBN: 0624037940

A beautiful coffee table type book with exquisite photos of many of the most common birds in SA with brief interesting descriptions.

Birds of Southern Africa
by Kenneth Newman
Paperback: 470 pages
Publisher: Southern Book Publishers (Nov 1990)
Language English
ISBN: 1868122794

For the more serious birders. It is helpful in identifying birds with a brief description of each.

Cape Peninsula, South African Wild Flower Guide 3
by Mary Matham Kidd
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Struik Publishers (April 2006)
Language English
ISBN: 1868727254

Published by the Botanical Society of South Africa. Drawings and text by Mary Matham Kidd. For the more serious botanist intent on identifying the various flowers.

Southern African Mammals
Pocket-Guide to Southern African Mammals (Paperback)
by Burger Cillie
Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: J L Van Schaik, South Africa (4 Jan 2000)
Language English
ISBN: 0624038335

It has photos of the animals, illustrations of the spoor, quite a bit of easily accessible information including area/distribution maps, mention of all the Game parks and a table showing what occurs in what game parks.

Discovering Southern Africa
Discovering Southern Africa: 5th Edition (Hardcover)
by T.V. Bulpin
Hardcover: 1069 pages
Publisher: Homeros (6 Jan 1970)
ISBN: 0958313059

For people driving around the country, T.V. Bulpin's book is valuable. He takes a particular route, say the N1 Cape Town to Johannesburg and then has a little blurb on each of the towns that you pass through.  It gives a lovely historical sense of the country as you travel through it.