Programme and Registration Forms

The full Congress Programme and the Registration Packet (Congress registration and Guest House Accommodation forms) are posted in the Download area of the IAAP website.  Click "Download" on the horizontal navigation bar, then click "Cape Town Congress 2007" from the list of categories, and individually click to download "Accommodation: Guest Houses" (a Word doc), "Congress Registration Form" (doc), and "IAAP Congress Programme" (an Adobe pdf). Save these files to your computer where you can view and print them. Mail or fax the forms as explained in each document.


Guest house accommodation is to be arranged individually and cannot be handled by the Conference Management Centre (CMC).


You will be receiving the Registration forms and the Congress Programme in the mail soon.  Also, it is now possible to register online for the Congress and for your hotel at the CMC website. To access online registration, go to the CMC website (, click "Conferences" on the horizontal menu bar, select 2007 from the drop-down menu, click "August" on the horizontal bar, next click "XVII International Congress of the IAAP" and from the horizontal links, click "Registration" for online Congress registration or "Accommodation - Hotels" for your hotel selection and registration.

Re: Congress -- Method of Payment

Credit card payment is the easiest and preferred method of payment.

The details of the cards are filled in on a form which is then faxed to the Conference Management Centre Office.

The fax machine is housed in a closed, locked space and the only persons who have access to it are the CMC staff.

After the Congress all the forms are shredded.

The CMC staff is reliable, trustworthy and experienced and has dealt with great numbers of international registrants in this way.



If you need Adobe Reader to open and print the Congress Programme, you can download it in the IAAP download area.
- Click Download in the top IAAP horizontal menu/navigation bar
- Select the Congress 2007 category
- Click on Adobe Reader 8 to begin downloading the installation file,
When the download is complete, find the Adobe Reader "exe" file on your computer, click on this file, and follow the steps to install Adobe Reader.


Of course, you can also download Adobe Reader 8 from the Adobe website at :