Richtersveld, South AfricaAn exhibition of photographs by Paul Weinberg will be on at the Jewish Museum from 4 June to 16 Sept. It is entitled: "Moving Spirit, Spirituality in Southern Africa."

Antjie Krog described the Richtersveld region, the home of the Khoisan people shown here, as a place "where you need a lot of God to live there."


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Once We Were HuntersPaul Weinberg is a highly esteemed photographer--in the ilk of David Goldblatt.  Paul is a South African born photographer with a strong commitment to the land and its people. He was a founder member of Afrapix photographic agency, well known for its uncompromising stand and visual portrayal of the apartheid system and the resistance to it and later helped establish South Photographs, a family of South African documentary photographers.
Paul has a large body of work that explores people, life, culture and environment around him, beyond the news and beyond the headlines. His work has often been against the traffic challenging stereotypes, prevailing comfortable myths and himself as in the case of his documentary of his home-town, Pietermaritzburg (Going Home, 1985-90).