Technology, Cyberspace, and Psyche

Technology, Cyberspace, & Psyche

Spring vol. 80
ISBN: 978-1-882670-56-7; 1882670566
309 pp.

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Psychology and the Internet

The latest issue of Spring:
A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Vol. 80, is dedicated to an exploration of life in the Information Age. Combining Jungian and Archetypal perspectives with the views of artificial intelligence and internet pioneers, the volume penetrates the array of present and future innovations in search of their psychological implications. Connected or disconnected? Essays by Robert Romanyshyn, Mikita Brottman, Glen Mazis and others take up this central question. Enter a virtual world, discover your smart phone transference and consider living with robots--all in Vol. 80.

In Memoriam: Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig Paul Kugler

Part I: What’s Online
The Archetypal Alchemy of Technology: Escape and Return to Materiality's Depth :: Glen Mazis
Analytical Psychology and Entertainment Technology: Idle Time and the Individuation Process :: Ottavio Mariani
What Can Artificial Intelligence Show Us About Ourselves? :: Arnold Smith

Part II: Meltdown, Slowdown, Uplink
The Melting of the Polar Ice: Revisiting Technology as Symptom and Dream :: Robert Romanyshyn
Thanatos in Cyberspace: Death, Mythology, and the Internet :: Mikita Brottman
Encountering the Symbolic Aspects of the Smartphone :: Henry Gros
Soul Speed :: Maria Noriega de Jesús

Part III: Lost and Found
Trickster and the Delinquency of Lost :: Terrie Waddell
The Lives of Others and the Individuation of HGW XX/7 :: James Palmer
Paradox Neverending: Psyche and the Soul of the Web: A Conversation with Derek Robinson Leigh Melander

Concerning the Training of Jungian Analysts: What Is Possible and What Is Not :: Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig

Witness to the Ancient Ones: An "Enterview" with Patricia Reis :: Robert S. Henderson

FILM REVIEWS WALL-E, directed by Andrew Stanton :: Glen Slater
Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn :: Joy Greenberg

Nature and the Human Soul: A Road Map to Discovering Our Place in the World by Bill Plotkin :: David Tacey
Humans, Animals, Machines: Blurring Boundaries by Glen Mazis :: Michael Melczak
Children's Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940 by C. G. Jung :: Sylvester Wojtkowski
Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness by Monika Wikman Veronica Goodchild
Beat Sound, Beat Vision: The Beat Spirit and Popular Song by Laurence Coupe :: Susan Rowland