Developing Group Site Visits

Guidelines for Site Visits to Potential Official
IAAP Developing Groups

When a group of psychologists or medical doctors or other individuals involved in Analytical Psychology has established itself in a part of the world where there is no IAAP constituent Society and asks for its recognition as an official IAAP Developing Group, this group is invited to present its composition, its internal organisation, its program of work and its projects by completing an application form and a questionnaire, available from the Chair of the Sub-Committee for Developing Groups. On this basis, a site visit is then organized.

This visit to the site can be made by the Chair of the Sub-Committee for the Developing Groups, by a member of the Executive Committee, or by another IAAP member at the request of the Chair of the Sub-Committee for the Developing Groups. The expenses incurred by such a visit will be reimbursed by the IAAP.

Generally, the visiting analyst gives a lecture, oversees a group supervision, and conducts thorough interviews with the Officers of the Developing Group as well as with some of its members. In particular, he or she evaluates the internal consistency of the Group as a whole, and ascertains which individuals among its members could involve themselves in the route to IAAP Individual Membership. He or she also gathers information about the local and regional training conditions, the clinical practices and the institutional organisations of the clinicians in the area, and he gives to the Group any information about the IAAP's rules and activities that may need clarification.

If these first exchanges prove to be positive, the visiting analyst can then discuss with the Group the possibility of setting up a program of work to be realised in collaboration with the IAAP (theoretical program, group supervision, possibly individual supervision, and, in some cases, personal analysis). He or she also plans with the Group who could serve as the IAAP Liaison Person and how to compose a team of visiting analysts who could then come to the site in accordance with the budget reserved by the IAAP for the Group's activities. Currently the provisional budget for an IAAP Developing Group ranges from between 3 000 to 8 000 Swiss Francs per annum, and can be higher in some particular cases.

Following these meetings and on the basis of the information gathered, the visiting analyst writes a report that includes his or her recommendations which is then submitted to the Chair of the Sub-Committee for the Developing Groups. The Sub-Committee then presents its conclusions and recommendations to the Executive Committee, who in turn proceed to a vote in favour or against the recognition of the Group as an official IAAP Developing Group. If the Executive Committee votes in favour, it announces its decision to the next Delegates' Meeting. The new Developing Group can then begin with its program of work after the decision of the Executive Committee and within the limits of its provisional budget.

Hester Solomon
Chair, Sub-Committee for Developing Groups
September 2004