The 6th Jungian Odyssey 2011
The Playful Psyche : Entering Chaos, Coincidence, Creation

May 28 - June 4, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland

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Address : ISAPZURICH, Hochstrasse 38, 8044 Zurich, Switzerland

At this event ISAPZURICH opens its post-graduate program to all with interest in CG Jung & Analytical Psychology. Taking place each year in a different region of Switzerland, the Odyssey affords immersion in landscapes that influenced Jungs sense of psyche, and that infuse each retreat with a particular genius loci.

Keynote Speaker
F. David Peat, PhD

Special Guests
Joseph Cambray, PhD
Reinhard Nesper, Prof.
Lisa Sokolov, Prof. MA, CMT
Beverley Zabriskie, MSW, LSCW

Other Guests & Faculty of ISAPZURICH
Marco Della Chiesa, Prof. lic.phil.
Allan Guggenbühl, Prof. Dr. phil.
Nancy Krieger, MA
Isabelle Meier, Dr. phil.
Inge Missmahl, lic. phil.
Eileen Nemeth, MA
Christa Robinson, MA
Kristina Schellinski, MA
Andreas Schweizer, Dr. theol.
Murray Stein, PhD
Craig Stephenson, PhD
Brian Stevenson, MD, ChB
Joanne Wieland-Burston, PhD
Stacy Wirth, MA
Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil.