XVIIth International Congress
for Analytical Psychology

August 12-17, 2007
Cape Town, South Africa

Call for Participation

The Program Committee for the XVIIth International Congress for Analytical Psychology is pleased to invite proposals for presentation at the IAAP Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, to be held from August 12 to 17, 2007. The theme of the Congress will be:

Journeys Encounters

Clinical – Communal – Cultural

As Analytical Psychology engages the contemporary world, the richness of our tradition is finding exciting confirmations and challenges in numerous spheres, internally among schools of Jungian theory and practice as well as externally from other disciplines. The multi-faceted quality of analytic life in the 21st century is apparent; we anticipate our Congress will reflect this.

With this first IAAP Congress in Africa, the host country, South Africa, will be highlighted with its highly diverse, multi-ethnic society, and complicated history and politics. It is anticipated that an exciting optional program of cultural events and visits before, during and after the Congress will be arranged to make the most of being in South Africa.

In preparation for this Congress, which will entail journeys of many sorts, the Program Committee seeks to accent the fullness and diversity of our multiple encounters. Therefore, we enthusiastically encourage you to submit proposals that speak to such engagements, as they touch upon archetypal, scientific, developmental, religious, political, sociological, or imaginal aspects of our work.

To enhance the depth of engagement, in addition to the usual format of lecture-papers, the Program Committee envisions a new format of presentations by small groups extending over several days in a given time slot. This will create a series of horizontal bands each with a focus on clinical, communal or cultural aspects of our field. The emphasis is on discussion and debate of key topical issues, both among the presenters and with audience participants.

The Congress will be open to scholars. To enhance the exploration of interdisciplinary approaches as they interact and impact the theory and practice of analytical psychology, we encourage groups to consider in their presentations including experts from various disciplines such as cultural anthropology, the cognitive and neurosciences, sociology, evolutionary psychiatry, politics, history and so forth. Similarly, bands devoted to the Arts are anticipated, with attention to music, movement, film, along with fine arts.

Bands for clinical discussions: proposals involving small groups of analysts focusing on the clinical encounter are invited. To support good containment of the materials presented, these may require pre-registration as well as being limited to members of the analytic community only.

Workshops, debates and other creative formats as well as poster sessions also will be entertained. Candidates are welcome to submit proposals for posters if this is permissible by their Institutes.

Please send Proposals to:
Toni D’Anca, Administrator
1015 Orilla del Mar #7, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 USA
805.965.4837 Phone / 805.962.1878 Fax
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposals should be no more than 500 words, including a title. Please include names of presenter(s) and their affiliations, and specification of the language of presentation. The deadline for submitting proposals is October 15, 2005; program decisions will be announced in the spring of 2006.

Please note that, should your proposal be accepted, no honorariums or expenses can be paid to presenters. All presenters must pre-register at the full congress fees. Submission of a proposal will be understood to indicate a willingness to attend the entire Congress if the proposal is accepted.

Inquiries about the program should be sent (electronically or by regular mail) to:
Joe Cambray, Chair of the Program Committee
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
55 South Angell St.
Providence, Rhode Island 02906