Woolsey HallThe 4th Joint Conference of the IAAP and the IAJS was held at Yale University from 9 to 12 July 2015.  Abstracts of the papers presented are now available and may be downloaded here.

images-66We have redesigned the web site to allow easier access to important information of interest to members of the IAAP and the general public. On the public pages we are providing general information on analytical psychology and the work of C. G. Jung, as well as links to other sources of information. Conferences and other activities of interest to an international audience will be listed with information on participation when available. Upcoming conferences will usually appear on the Slideshow on the Home page, but conferences scheduled for later dates may first appear in the Conferences drop-down menu. You may therefore want to visit the Conferences drop-down from time to time to see what has been scheduled for the future. Regrettably, the web site will not be able to list local activities of  groups and societies due to the time commitments needed to manage the site. If you are interested in what a particular group or society may be planning you can link to the group through the listing of groups in the “About the IAAP” drop-down.

For members of the IAAP, the Members Site area now contains copies of the Association’s constitution in all five official languages. You will also find the minutes of Delegates meetings beginning with the meetings that established the IAAP in 1955. Other documents, ranging from the Ethics Code to instructions for applying for grants or seed money from the Academic Subcommittee of the Executive Committee will be found in this area. Additional information on the activities of the Association will be posted as we continue to develop the site. A top priority is the instillation of a new member database that will allow easier access to the list of members.

While we have decided to “go live” with the new design of the site at this time, many elements are still under development. In the end, we felt it was important to get the site up and running rather than wait until every element was complete. You will, therefore, see new material on the site on a regular basis, as we develop and refine the materials needed to keep members and the larger community interested in analytical psychology informed in a timely manner about events and other news that we hope will be useful to everyone.


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The Publications and Communications Sub-Committee

Princeton University Press announces digital version of the Collected Works

Princeton graphic



For the first time, The Collected Works of C. G. Jung is now available in a complete digital edition that is full-text searchable. The Complete Digital Edition includes Vols. 1-18 and Vol. 19, the General Bibliography of C. G. Jung's Writings. (Vol. 20, the General Index to the Collected Works, is not included.)


For additional information visit the Princeton University Press website.