The upcoming Council of Societies in February 2013 will be held in preparation for the Meeting of Delegates to take place at the IAAP Congress in Copenhagen in August 2013.

As mentioned in previous correspondence, because of the importance of having a full discussion of the revisions to the IAAP Constitution, there will be a two day Council this term. Furthermore, each society will be permitted to send two representatives, however, to plan for an adequate venue (there are several possibilities at the Engimatt Hotel and we need to make reservations at this time), you are requested to please reply with the number of people (0, 1 or 2) who will attend for your group. If you have a representative on the Executive Committee, then that person should be counted as one of vour representatives. The IAAP cannot pay for travel or accommodations of non-Executive Committee members but will supply meals for the days of the meetings.

The dates of the meetings will be Saturday, February 9 and Sunday, February 10, 2013.

The hotel where the meetings will take place is :

Hotel Engimatt
Engimattstrasse 14
CH-8002 Zurich
Tel +41 (0) 44 284 1616

Rooms can be reserved at this hotel or other hotels in Zurich and as soon as possible we will send a list of nearby hotels; meals will be served at the Hotel Engimatt. Regarding accommodations, each group will need to make their own arrangements

If possible please include in your reply the names of your representatives and an updated email address for each of them to the IAAP Honorary Secretary, Angela Connolly, at angdragosei@yahoo com.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Speaking for the IAAP Executive Committee, we look forward to meeting with you in February.