Publishers Mon, 30 Nov 2015 13:26:52 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (Administrator of Chiron Publications chiron logoChiron Publications specializes in books on analytical psychology inspired by and extending the work of C. G. Jung. Many of our titles also explore the psychology of religion, mythology, literature and feminism, in addition to translations of seminal works from Europe. As implied by the name Chiron--a centaur and therefore an image bridging different modes of human existence--our selection embraces many areas of thought and discourse.
Website :

Chiron Publications are distributed by: Lantern Books
128 Second Place
Garden Suite
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Tel: 212-414-2275

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Daimon Verlag Daimon Verlag logo

Our name, Daimon, is taken from the "driving inner force" that guided and inspired the life of Socrates. More recently, Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung used the term daimon to describe a unique, independent spirit - neither good, nor evil - living in everyone.


Daimon Verlag
Hauptstrasse 85
CH-8840 Einsiedeln

Robert Hinshaw, Publisher
Phone: + 41-55-412 2266
Fax: + 41-55-412 2231





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Fisher King Press fkplogoFisher King Press

Fisher King Press predominantly publishes the work of certified Jungian analysts concerning the study of Jungian theory, analytical depth psychology, myth, archetypal symbolism, and dreams. An eclectic mix of alternative titles are published under their il piccolo editions imprint


Fisher King Press
PO Box 222321
Carmel, CA 93922
Phone: +1-831-238-7799
Fax: +1-831-621-4667

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Inner City Books Inner City Books

Inner City Books LogoInner City Books was started in 1980 to promote the understanding and practical application of the work of C.G. Jung. It is still the only publishing house in the world devoted exclusively to books written by Jungian analysts. There are now 122 titles by 50 authors in the series Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts - authoritative works on basic Jungian principles, women's studies, spirituality, alchemy, relationships, dream and fairy tale interpretation, masculine psychology, midlife issues and much more.

Over a million books have been sold, with more than 250 editions in 20 languages.

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Jung Arena Jung ArenaThe Jung Arena provides professionals, researchers, instructors and students with information on the range of Jungian books produced by Routledge, Psychology Press, and other publishing companies within the Taylor & Francis Group.

Subjects covered by this Arena include: Jung & Analytical Psychology, Jungian Psychotherapy, the Collected Works of Jung, and Child & Adolescent Jungian Therapy.

At you will also find weblinks and news related Jungian journals, events, websites, and other resources.

For more information, contact :
Amanda Ashworth
Managing Editor, Behavioral Sciences
Taylor & Francis Group
325 Chestnut Street, Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: (215) 625 8900 x 313
Fax: (215) 625 2940

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Routledge logoRoutledge publishes an impressive portfolio of professional books, journals and textbooks on Jung and Analytical Psychology. For more information, please visit our website at

To submit a proposal for a new book in this area, you can contact our editor, Kate Hawes, at

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Spring Journal and Books Spring Journal and BooksSpring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles as well as film and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology.

Spring Journal Books is the book publishing imprint of Spring Journal and publishes books about archetypal psychology, mythology and Jungian psychology.

Spring Journal is published with the support of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Spring Journal and Pacifica Graduate Institute are dedicated to cultivating and harvesting the gifts of the human imagination so that these insights may be brought to bear upon the personal, cultural and planetary concerns of our time. It is our aim to foster research and publication in psychology, mythology, the arts, and religion following within the tradition of the depth psychology of C. G. Jung.

Web Site: Spring Journal and Books

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Texas A&M Press  

tamu press logoTexas A&M Press

Publishers of the Carolyn and Ernest Fay Lectures

Web site: The Fay Lecture Series

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