5th International Analysis and Activism Conference

1. – 3. September 2023 Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the first twenty years of this 21st century, we have experienced major global events with unprecedented condensation and speed – terrorist attacks, wars, global financial crisis, and a still-ongoing pandemic, just to name a few – all of which have had a dramatic impact on the way we live.

In 1946, Albert Camus noted that the century in which he was writing presented itself as the “century of fear.”

How will the twenty-first century present itself and be experienced, especially given that, more than any other pressing issue, the reality and the manifestations of climate change permeates all aspects of our lives? Moreover, and unlike other pressing concerns, the very ubiquity and vastness of the dangers to, and compromising of, our shared ground of being, has resulted in a shared sense of overwhelmedness (that, for some, might result in a collusive non engagement).

In 2015, at the conclusion of the UN summit in New York, 196 countries signed the 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its ambitious program was organized around five P’s: Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership – themes to inform the political agenda of signatory countries in the hopes of transforming the world.

This UN-endorsed agenda strongly emphasized the promotion of human rights and the empowerment of women and other marginalized groups. However, in the more than seven years since the adoption of this agenda, by all accounts the signatory countries have all fallen woefully short of their stated aspirations and goals. What to make of this situation and what lessons can be learned going forward?

We, the organizers of the Analysis and Activism Ljubljana 2023 Conference, believe – following Boris Groys that “there are conflicts that the intellectual cannot escape, that force him into politics whether he wants this or not” – that social change on the scale contemplated by the UN Agenda calls for the conscious adoption and integration of two other, seemingly opposite, P’s: Psyche and Politics.

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