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Analysis and Activism IV

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Narratives in times of radical Transformations

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JAP Latin American Conference 2021

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The Second International Conference in Jungian Child Analysis

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Jung's Red Book for Our Time

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The Conference on Film and Analytical Psychology

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ISPDI - 5th International Conference

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Dante Conference

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V. European Conference for Analytical Psychology

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IX Latin American Conference of Jungian Psychology

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Rencontre des Analystes jungiens francophones

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XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology

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International Association for Analytical Psychology

Psychological Aid for the victims of the corona virus. Donation possible.

Right now we are facing a globally extremly difficult situation, and especially in certain areas the affect of the corona virus has completely changed the life for many people. Since January, our colleagues in China have provided psychological aid for the victims of the virus and the same work has started in Italy, France and other places as well. Read more HERE and watch the three videos to the right where IAAP Vice-President Emilija Kiehl interviews Jungian Analysts on the psychological aid for victims of coronavirus. Although our colleagues work for free, financial support is necessary. Please use the donate button at the bottom of this page if you want to support the work. 

Dreams in the time of Corona
An interest in the collective and archetypal symbols that are activated in dreams seems to be on the increase these days. Over the world activities related to dreams are taking place, such as social dreaming matrices and research projects etc. Here are the links to research projects that are open for contribution: 
Dreaming in Times of TurmoilCorona Virus and DreamsCoronavirus und Träume (in German)

Art in the time of Corona

ARAS and the Art and Psyche Working Group, in collaboration, have developed a new project, Art in a Time of Global Crisis: Interconnection and Companionship, as an international outreach through art. The intention is to create a network of mutual support through art during this difficult time. Colleagues and friends from around the world, representing various cultures, geographical locations and life-styles, have been asked to contribute artistic images with commentaries that represent companionship, resilience and hope in the face of threat, fear and struggle. An image with brief commentary is posted each day (five days a week) in the curated “virtual gallery.” With a consistent presence of art that expands with each new contribution, we hope to weave a web of interconnectedness during this current time of global upheaval. You can join this worldwide community (without cost) by visiting the website https://aras.org/special-feature

s described in the News Sheet of Dec. 2019 an important help-work has started in Uganda where a group of Jungian Sandplay-therapists are working together with a local non-profit organization to help homeless, orphaned children. Read more HERE. Like above our colleagues also here work for free, but still financial support is necessary. Please use the donate button at the bottom of this page if you want to support the work.

IAAP, International Association for Analytical Psychology  

The International Association for Analytical Psychology, IAAP was founded in 1955 by a group of Jungian Analysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung.  Today the IAAP recognizes 69 Group Members (societies) throughout the world, and around 3500 analysts trained in accordance with standards established by the Association. 

Since the late 1990’s the IAAP has been engaged in providing training possibilities for people who live in places where no registered training to become a Jungian Analyst with membership of the IAAP is available. The result of this is that the IAAP now has training facilities and qualified Jungian Analysts in all continents.

The aims of the IAAP are: 1. To promote the study of Analytical Psychology 2. To disseminate knowledge of Analytical Psychology 3. To require the maintenance of high standards of training, practice, and ethical conduct 4. To hold Congresses. In addition to the triennial IAAP Congresses, the IAAP also support international conferences around the world, and during the last years the IAAP has actively taken part in joint conferences with universities in recognition of the importance of the connection to the scientific world. This is also reflected in the growing support by the IAAP of research in the Analytical Psychological field.

In addition to the abovementioned aims, the IAAP is an organization which takes responsibility for social and environmental issues. In accordance with this policy, we support projects with psychological care for victims of natural disasters, and we also support activities against climate change. It is possible to make donations for these purposes. The IAAP will currently inform about the support within these areas. Please use one of the donate-buttons below.

Donate for psychological aid (Corona virus)

Donate for social contribution

Donate for climate