Executive Committee

Antje Barber

Berlin, Germany
DGAP representative

Patricia Berry

Carpintria, USA
IRSJA representative

Fred Borchardt

Cape Town, South Africa
SAAJA Representative

Brock Hill

Pasadena, USA
CGJILA Representative

William Kotsch

Santa Fe, USA
NMSJA Representative

Andreas Michel

Küsnacht, Switzerland
CGJIZ Representative

Caterina Vezzoli

Milano, Italy
CIPA Representative

Susanna Wright

London, UK
SAP Representative

Luisa Zoppi

Roma, Italy
AIPA Representative

The Executive Committee is the executive organ of the Association. It conducts the current business unless, according to the Constitution or a regulation, such business falls within the competency of the Meeting of Delegates. The Executive Committee can decide about provisions within the scope of its competency. It is responsible for the Meeting of Delegates.

The Executive Committee may appoint Committees of Inquiry. Such Committees are authorized to intervene in the case of differences or difficulties which occur within or between Group Members as well as within or between Individual Members and Group Members.

The Executive Committee fixes the Congress fees after consultation.

Decisions of the Executive Committee shall be reached by a simple majority of its members present.

The President presides over the Executive Committee. She or he presides over the Meeting of Delegates and, if possible, represents the Association at official events.

Should the President temporarily be hindered in the fulfillment of presidential duties, particularly in the chairing of the Meeting of the Delegates, then the President-Elect shall represent the President during this time; should this not be possible, the Executive Committee shall choose a replacement from among the Vice-Presidents.

The President appoints the Committees and Sub-Committees of the Association in consultation with the Executive Committee.

The President designates the persons authorized

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