AJAP, Poland. Fundraising for Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our members have actively participated in helping and collecting funds, clothes, food, and other necessary things. Help was also provided on the spot, by providing housing and organizing psychological and psychiatric consultations. Each of us is involved in local aid initiatives operating in many cities in Poland.
Just recently from the initiative of Ewa Winkler, a founding member of our society – The Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland organized in July 2022 the auction to help fundraise the purchase of a life-saving ambulance with the significant name “Carl”. It was our response to the appeal of a colleague Dmytro Zaleskyi from Ukraine. All our members, out of their hearts, offered their time and what we can do best – 50 minutes consultation or s 50 minutes supervision sessions, on-line or in the consulting room. Our colleague Marta Kotarba additionally offered 10 places for the workshop “The Four Faces of Femininity – a meeting with the concept of structural forms of the feminine psyche by Toni Wolf”, which turned out to be a great fundraising success.
Our auction event was held via the association’s Facebook profile.
About fifty people took part in the auction, liked, or shared our action on Facebook, which shows the positive power of social media used for such an important purpose. It also shows that people in Poland want to get involved in similar actions and our support for Ukraine continue. The final day of the auction generated over a hundred unique visits to our website that day!
It is worth mentioning, that we have only 10 members so far, but we managed to fundraise 7 000 polish zlotys, what is an equivalent of 1500 USD. We are now in the process of collecting money into our bank account and making arrangements with Dmytro Zaleskyi how to donate funds in the best way.
We believe that it is important to provide every possible support to our Ukrainian colleagues and we are very happy that we were able to show our solidarity in such a difficult time by collecting funds for a life-saving vehicle. We remain committed to providing help and support wherever we can.

Ewa Winkler, Jungian Analyst
Member of AJAP, Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland

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