Jungian Odyssey 2023

The Cauldron of Relationships—Do or Die? Join us for our 16th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat! The genius loci remains to be our customary guide as we set out for Davos and the famed “Magic Mountain,” home to the historical Hotel Schatzalp. It was this erst-while Belle Époque sanatorium, opened in 1900, that set the scene for […]

XI Conference of UDG “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections”

We invite all colleagues, analytical psychologists and everyone who is interested in C.G. Jung analytical psychology to the XI annual conference of the Ukrainian Developing Group of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (UDG IAAP) “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections” – memories are testimonies on the war time experience, how we […]

5th International Analysis and Activism Conference

In the first twenty years of this 21st century, we have experienced major global events with unprecedented condensation and speed – terrorist attacks, wars, global financial crisis, and a still-ongoing pandemic, just to name a few – all of which have had a dramatic impact on the way we live. In 1946, Albert Camus noted […]

IX Latin American Congress

Diversity in Latin America: suffering and transformation We have the great pleasure to announce that the IX Latin American Jungian Psychology Congress will be held from 11th to 14th October 2023 at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support, which has been very important to […]

Civilization in Transition 8

We are painfully aware that we are destroying our shared and only home. Although the Covid-19 pandemic exposed both the dangers and fragility of our unsustainable way of life, we are returning to “business as usual”, unable to put aside factional interests when confronted with a global crisis. The resurgence of autocracy, nationalism and conflict, […]

1st Child & Adolescent Conference in Asia: Specialized in Clinical Case Studies

Traditional Jungian training has focused on psychotherapy for adults. However, Jungian psychology, with its emphasis on images, is also very useful in play therapy including sandplay therapy. Particularly in the Asian region, many psychotherapists work with children and adolescents. This conference is dedicated to case studies, which is the basis of psychotherapy. All breakout sessions […]

1st IAAP European Conference on Childhood and Adolescence

We are glad to announce the first European Conference on the topic of adolescence that will be held in 2024, from 28th to 30th of August in the fascinating Sicilian city of Siracusa, Italy. We see it as a special and hopefully thought provoking opportunity for child and adolescent analysts and trainees, but also for […]

6th European Conference of Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychology when the Time is out of Joint ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY WHEN TIME IS OUT OF JOINT Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller – in her book entitled The Time Is Out of Joint: Shakespeare as Philosopher of History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002) – underlines that Hamlet “is a man of conscience who knows that while relying […]