International Conference of Dialogue with Embodied Imagination

Embodied Imagination® (EI), developed by Robert Bosnak, a seasoned international Jungian analyst, over the past nearly 50 years, is an original method that applies dreams, bodily symptoms, early memories, and creative imagination to psychotherapy, trauma experiences, medical health, artistic creation, AI technology, and dream research. The 2024 International Embodied Imagination® Conference will be held in […]

1st IAAP European Conference on Childhood and Adolescence

We are glad to announce the first European Conference on the topic of adolescence that will be held in 2024, from 28th to 30th of August in the fascinating Sicilian city of Siracusa, Italy. We see it as a special and hopefully thought provoking opportunity for child and adolescent analysts and trainees, but also for […]

6th European Conference of Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychology when the Time is out of Joint ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY WHEN TIME IS OUT OF JOINT Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller – in her book entitled The Time Is Out of Joint: Shakespeare as Philosopher of History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002) – underlines that Hamlet “is a man of conscience who knows that while relying […]

ONLY SEPARATED THINGS CAN UNITE: An Alchemical Journey to Love and Consciousness

Why do we title our seminar “only separated things can unite?” The reason is two-fold. The connection between our Colorado program and this little region in Italy is an intercontinental bond that has provided a unity of once separated spirits. We have chosen this location because our training program’s reach has spanned this distance of […]

IAAP/Catholic University Freiburg joint Conference – The Process of Transformation

Announcement for the IAAP/Catholic University Freiburg joint conference In cooperation with German Society for Analytical Psychology (DGAP) and International Network for Research in Analytical Psychology (INFAP3) „The Process of Transformation“ Preliminary Program Abstracts for the IAAP/Catholic University Freiburg Joint Conference Information on Registration

2024 Presidency Conference

Politics in a Traumatized World: Dystopia and the Creative Imagination The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco is presenting its seventh consecutive Presidency Conferenceexploring the psychological dimensions of our political landscape as expressed in U.S. presidential elections. This year’s conference features leading Jungians in the field of politics and psyche, providing a unique opportunity to […]

the 2nd Child and Adolescent Conference in Asia

Empowering Asian Expertise: Specialized in Clinical Case Studies This conference presents a unique opportunity for child and adolescent therapists across Asia to share their valuable clinical experiences.

XXIII International Congress of Analytical Psychology

Welcome to the XXIII International Congress of Analytical Psychology    Experiences of the non-understandable: Jungian explorations and contributions   150 years have passed since Jung’s birth. Where are we today? Who are we today? Reflections on theory, clinical practice, values, ethics, research, training and cultural awareness   RegistrationOnline from November 2024 under

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