The Poetic Basis of Mind – An Introduction to the Work of James Hillman

About the Lecture Archetypal psychology is most closely associated with the works of James Hillman (1927 2011). Departing from foundations in Freud and Jung it moves in a different air: less Northern, more Mediterranean, polytheistic rather than monotheistic, and exhibiting parallels with Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies in its dissolution of literalisms and essentialisms of […]

IGAP Seminars and Events

IGAP public events offer in-depth study to people who have encountered Jungian ideas through personal analysis or reading. They may be of interest particularly to professionals working in education, medicine, psychotherapy, religion, or social work. Some of our events meet the needs of candidates and practising therapists. When case material is used confidentiality must be […]

‘Making the Unsayable Experiential’ (BB7) – Webinar series

As I write this note to you, Russia is trying to break the morale of the civilian population in Ukraine by destroying its energy infrastructure, leaving vastsswathes of the country without heating, light, internet and mobile communications -just as the icy cold winter sets in. It is an ancient tactic of war. Tom Singer sent […]

C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario’s 2022/23 public programme

Welcome to the C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario’s 2022/23 public programme! We bring you a captivating array of lectures and seminars to intrigue you and enrich your interest in Jung and Jungian psychology. For those who wish to support the Foundation, we encourage you to purchase an annual membership at the basic level for $30, […]

Jungian Topics in Psychology 2023: Spring term

Learn more about the training programs in Analytical Psychology at ISAPZURICH International Program (Full or Part Residency) The Int. Diploma is recognised by the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) Other than full training programs, ISAP offers… • Certificate Program in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology • Public lectures, open seminars, and special events

Introductory Course to the Foundations of Analytical Psychology

The two-term Introductory Course to the Foundations of Analytical Psychology provides an introduction to the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung. Over 20 seminars it offers a basic overview of 20 key analytic concepts from the Classical School of Jungian psychology that conveys Jung’s unique contribution to the understanding of the psyche, particularly the […]

SAP Seminar Series

1 – year certificate course for practising clinicians September 2023 – July 2024 Foundations of Analytical Psychology 30 evenings running from September 2022 to July 2023 Jungian Process and Experiential Group Infant Observation