The books of Wolfgang Giegerich – ISPDI Online Symposium

Please join us for a two day examination of the extraordinary work of one of the most challenging and important writers in Analytical Psychology today. From the Soul’s Logical Life published in 1998 to Coniunctio in 2021, speakers will present and lead discussions on each of the nine books published by Wolfgang Giegerich over the last 23 years. 

5th International Analysis and Activism Conference

In the first twenty years of this 21st century, we have experienced major global events with unprecedented condensation and speed – terrorist attacks, wars, global financial crisis, and a still-ongoing pandemic, just to name a few – all of which have had a dramatic impact on the way we live. In 1946, Albert Camus noted […]

Toward a Jung/Bion Dialogue – An online conference

Do Kant and Bergson provide a platform for a Jung-Bion Dialogue? Join us for this fascinating conversation between Prof. Bob Hinshelwood and Dr. George Hogenson Call for Papers: 21. July (extended deadline) We welcome proposals for papers which can relate to any aspect of the Jung/Bion discussion. Proposals for the Saturday panels should be 300 […]

JSSS 2023 Conference

18th Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology 27-30 July 2023 Held at the DoubleTree Hotel in the historic Biltmore Village neighborhood,Asheville, NC, USA read more

Jungian Odyssey 2023

The Cauldron of Relationships—Do or Die? Join us for our 16th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat! The genius loci remains to be our customary guide as we set out for Davos and the famed “Magic Mountain,” home to the historical Hotel Schatzalp. It was this erst-while Belle Époque sanatorium, opened in 1900, that set the scene for […]

XI Conference of UDG “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections”

We invite all colleagues, analytical psychologists and everyone who is interested in C.G. Jung analytical psychology to the XI annual conference of the Ukrainian Developing Group of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (UDG IAAP) “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections” – memories are testimonies on the war time experience, how we […]

Film and Analytical Psychology

The Conference ‘Film and Analytical Psychology’ aims to provide a mental space for film and analytical psychology to meet each other. The concept of the conference could be called ‘film in the language of analytical psychology’, but without the risk of losing even a small part of its meaning, it could be the reverse, ‘analytical […]

Jungian Analysis between Research and Therapeutic Practice

Analytical or complex psychology, more than sixty years after the death of its founder Carl Gustav Jung, is enjoying growing interest from scholars and clinicians. Jung began his career as an academic psychiatrist and always maintained the mentality of the researcher, even pointing out large areas to be explored to his pupils. His suggestions were […]

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