Support letters for our colleagues in Ukraine

The IAAP collects and shows support letters and statements sent to us for our colleagues in Ukraine. All Group Members, Developing Groups and allied Organizations are welcome to submit a letter of support / statement to IAAP President Toshio Kawai,  or to IAAP President-elect Misser Berg,  and we will add them to the list.As a response to […]

UDG news by July 2022

Today marks more than 150 days that the members of Ukrainian Developing Group and all Ukrainian people live within the war and try to keep a semblance of “war-life balance”. It becomes harder every day, because more and more friends and relatives are being drafted to the army, and almost every family in Ukraine is […]

Psychological care for colleagues in Ukraine

Ongoing voluntary crisis therapy for individuals and groups, guidance, moderation, and supervision of support groups, training courses etc.Jungian analysts and therapists from Ukraine are doing what they can to voluntarily help and support their compatriots under very difficult conditions, for instance in bomb shelters and other unsafe places.Jungian analysts from Israel have since the beginning […]

European Commission EU Health Award to IAAP colleague Riccardo Bernardini

It is a great pleasure for the IAAP to announce that colleague Riccardo Bernardini, Ph.D., the Scientific Secretary of the Eranos Foundation (one of IAAP Allied Organizations) and Fellow of the Associazione per la Ricerca in Psicologia Analitica (ARPA, Italy), has received Europe’s highest honor for mental health: the 2021 EU Health Award – Mental […]