Civilization in Transition 8

November 2–5, 2023 , Hotel Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are painfully aware that we are destroying our shared and only home. Although the Covid-19 pandemic exposed both the dangers and fragility of our unsustainable way of life, we are returning to “business as usual”, unable to put aside factional interests when confronted with a global crisis. The resurgence of autocracy, nationalism and conflict, and polarization driven by social media, both exacerbate and distract us from these failings.

Scientists have called the current geological epoch the Anthropocene—which began when human impact on Earth’s land, oceans, atmosphere, and ecosystems became significant. Even though we have had an inkling of the problem since the late 1800’s, consciousness is slow to dawn and behavior even slower to change. Evolution has predisposed us to respond more readily to local events, such as storms, fires, and floods, rather than to global trends, such as climate disruption and the sixth mass extinction.

We have gathered provocative and diverse experts from Western, Eastern and Native American cultures and will encompass the fields of climate science, analytical psychology, ecopsychology, cultural ecology, deep ecology, environmental science, and philosophy. Together we will explore the interconnection of all things, the personal and collective response to the climate crisis, the meaning of the pandemic, and the call to change that it has highlighted.

This conference provides an inter-active and proactive wake-up call to engagement, which begins from the moment you register with a minimal contribution to help us make this a carbon neutral conference. We aim to leave no carbon footprint from this conference, and each participant and presenter will play an active and important part in doing so.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be a significant, stimulating, and provocative weekend.

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