International Association for Analytical Psychology

IAAP, International Association for Analytical Psychology 

The International Association for Analytical Psychology, IAAP was founded in 1955 by a group of Jungian Analysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung.  Today the IAAP recognizes 69 Group Members (societies) throughout the world, and around 3500 analysts trained in accordance with standards established by the Association. 

Since the late 1990’s the IAAP has been engaged in providing training possibilities for people who live in places where no registered training to become a Jungian Analyst with membership of the IAAP is available. The result of this is that the IAAP now has training facilities and qualified Jungian Analysts in all continents.

The aims of the IAAP are: 1. To promote the study of Analytical Psychology 2. To disseminate knowledge of Analytical Psychology 3. To require the maintenance of high standards of training, practice, and ethical conduct 4. To hold Congresses. In addition to the triennial IAAP Congresses, the IAAP also support international conferences around the world, and during the last years the IAAP has actively taken part in joint conferences with universities in recognition of the importance of the connection to the scientific world. This is also reflected in the growing support by the IAAP of research in the Analytical Psychological field.

Statement and updates about the war in Ukraine

Articles on Analytical Psychology

A selection of brief introductory articles on the founding concepts of analytical psychology is being published in the section: Jung & Analytical Psychology. The authors are senior Jungian Analysts from different parts of the world. The articles can be accessed either through Analytical Psychology by George Hogenson, or by going directly into Contemporary Understandings of Analytical Psychology

We are pleased to announce that Robert Tyminski has won an award from the Kristine Mann Library in New York City for his new book on immigration ‘The Psychological Effects of Immigrating’ (Routledge 2022).

Dr. Edinger’s Archives Now Available Online

ou can access the Collection here:

The American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis (ABAPsa) is pleased to offer its 8th annual book awards in order to honor outstanding scholarship, raise awareness and visibility of the field, and educate the public on the value of psychoanalytic thought. 

American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Annual Book Prize

for best theoretical book in Psychoanalysis in 2021 has been won by Stanton Marlan, PhD, ABPP, FABP for his work entitled C. G. Jung and the Alchemical Imagination: Passages into the Mysteries of Psyche and Soul.

Vienna Congress Videos – trailers

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