Joint Conference IAAP / University of Basel


Theoretical Foundations of Analytical Psychology
Recent Developments and Controversies


University of Basel, October 18 – 20, 2018

Carl Gustav Jung began his academic career at the University of Basel and earned an  international reputation for his empirical studies with the “association experiment.” Throughout his writings he continually  emphasized the primarily empirical nature of his work. Today, more than a century after Jung’s early studies, the conference will focus on major theoretical concepts of analytical psychology: the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious, the notion of complexes, the theory of archetypes, and the status of analytical psychotherapy in contemporary psychotherapy research. For each of these fields, renowned speakers will present overviews of the current debate together with ongoing research in the field. The conclusions for each topic will be summarized in a panel discussion, where experts will reflect on their different positions as well as pose open questions and identify potential developments. The aim of the conference is to further research on the theoretical foundations of analytical psychology in relation to results and insights in contiguous areas of knowledge.

The conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Christian Roesler, who holds a teaching position for Analytical Psychology at the University of Basel, Department of Psychology, and Dr. Harald Atmanspacher of ETH Zürich/Collegium Helveticum in cooperation with the IAAP. The conference will open on Thursday evening, October 18, 2018, with a keynote presentation by Mark Solms, Cape Town/South Africa, on insights from the neurosciences that have formed a new foundation for psychoanalysis in the last years. On the following two days, the conference will focus on three major topics: 1. the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious and complex theory, 2. archetype theory, 3. psychotherapy research and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, each of which will be discussed by two speakers, who will present the state of the debate as well as current controversies, followed by a panel discussion. Speakers will include George Hogenson, Chicago/USA, John Merchant, Sydney/Australia, Isabelle Meier, ISAP Zurich/Switzerland, Prof. Dr. Michael Buchholz, International Psychoanalytic University Berlin/Germany, and others.