Embodied Jung Conference 2022

Embodied Jung Conference 2022     

Abbazia di Novacella, South Tyrol, Italy  

September 8-11, 2022

After three years of planning and delays because of the Corona virus, we are finally able to realize a conference dedicated to the importance of body in Jungian psychology and the psychotherapy/analytical process. Instead of talking about body, we are attempting to initiate a dialogue rooted in bodily experience and feelings, that moves towards image and meaning making. The Conference is made up of “embodied lectures” and focused on the integration, awareness and essential nature of the somatic phenomena in the analytical process and any lived experience.

The living body is always in the room, whether we are conscious of it or not, though in our general Jungian consciousness the body appears as an object of discussion rather than as a lived experience as we lose awareness of its value and centrality in our lives. We often distract ourselves instead of listening to the feelings and emotions that arise within the body. 

Where do we go from here as therapists and analytical psychologists with the ever-growing interest in our own nature and its place in the fragile Nature around us, including the pandemic, climate crisis, and the expanding psychological and physical suffering in our societies? 

Please join us at “Embodied Jung Conference 2022”.

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