In the Spotlight – John Beebe

This month the IAAP News Bulletin spotlight falls on John Beebe. One of the relatively few extraverts in our profession, his warmth and enthusiasm is widely reciprocated across the Jungian world, from his home society in San Francisco to cities in China, where he has been active in Jungian trainings for two decades.

When John qualified at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco in 1978, he was still 38 and one of the younger members, who took the baton from the first generation of analysts in Northern California, including Joseph Henderson, Jane Wheelwright and Joseph Wheelwright. Now 45 years later John has himself become an eminence grise in the Jungian world.

Click HERE to read Stephen Garratt’s portrait of John Beebe in full.
And you may HERE find a scan of John Beebe in conversation with Emilija Kiehl in the IAAP Newsletter from 2013.

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