‘Making the Unsayable Experiential’ (BB7) – Webinar series

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As I write this note to you, Russia is trying to break the morale of the civilian population in Ukraine by destroying its energy infrastructure, leaving vastsswathes of the country without heating, light, internet and mobile communications -just as the icy cold winter sets in. It is an ancient tactic of war. Tom Singer sent me these images from Nasa, which graphically depict Ukraine’s descent into darkness.

One of our Ukrainian colleagues wrote to me: Thanks a lot for your support. I am alive, and during this period it’s the best news -to be alive. Another wrote to tell me life is all about survival now. And yet, from the darkness and the icy cold, our Ukrainian colleagues have inputted into this programme of solidarity that we have put together for next year. That is how important it is to them to meet with those of us who are not in the war..

“And now when I am in the shoes of someone needing support, I could fully receive and understand the significance of this process when colleagues from other countries contribute and organise such important support events” (Ukrainian analyst)