The Mythical and the Latin American Soul

The objective of this course is to delve deeper into the mythical dimension of Latin America, which summons us and motivates us as a body, as an identity nucleus and as an expression of its diversities and mythical and cultural nuances that define our future in a world in permanent transformation. Flyer 1 Flyer 2 […]

In the Spotlight – Astrid Berg

The IAAP Bulletin Spotlight for this edition is on Astrid Berg, one of the stalwarts of Jungian psychology in South Africa and internationally. She is known as a diligent organizer, accomplished speaker and incisive writer. Astrid was asked by Fred Borchardt to tell Bulletin Readers about herself. He wanted to know a little more about […]


THIS CONFERENCE IS HYBRIDNothingness is well known as a felt human experience, yet defining it is elusive. It isalso a topic of broad interdisciplinary work in the humanities, the sciences, psychologyand the creative processes in the arts. Our emotional spectra range from theempty to the full, the vacuum to the overwhelm, the abyss to the […]

‘Making the Unsayable Experiential’ (BB8) – Webinar series

As I write this note to you, Russia is trying to break the morale of the civilian population in Ukraine by destroying its energy infrastructure, leaving vastsswathes of the country without heating, light, internet and mobile communications -just as the icy cold winter sets in. It is an ancient tactic of war. Tom Singer sent […]

Greening The Self

Explore profound insights on deepening our relationship with nature and navigating growth in turbulent times.

In the Spotlight – Andrew Samuels

Andrew Samuels

In this issue of the IAAP News Bulletin we are pleased to introduce Andrew Samuels, who is yet another of our colleagues who has had a remarkable influence on the Jungian community. Please enjoy Misser Berg’s introduction and her interview with Andrew Samuels. Jungian Analyst Professor Andrew Samuels is a Training and Supervising analyst in SAP, […]

Call for papers for ‚Behavioral Sciences‘ Special Issue

Behavioral Sciences Journal

Creative Methods, Images and Dreams in Psychotherapy: Methods, Processes and Results Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Christian Roesler, Jungian Analyst, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Catholic University Freiburg/Germany. Submission of papers is open until end of February 2025. Call for Papers

The Evolution of Jungian Psychology: Opening Still Wider Vistas

This presentation will briefly explore Jung’s major works Symbols of Transformation, Mysterium Coniunctionis, Aion, and Answer to Job, a brief version of “The Call of Destiny,” Sparks’s new book, that addresses what Jung accomplished and why.

Jungian Sandplay

Crossing Thresholds Presented by Janet Tatum, MSW, LICSW, CST-T It’s time to register for Unit 6 of our Sandplay Program!  Seminars will be on Zoom only, once a month on a Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm (PST) with half-hour break for lunch. Unit 6: The Emergance of the Self in Sandplay

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