Civilization in Transition 8

We are painfully aware that we are destroying our shared and only home. Although the Covid-19 pandemic exposed both the dangers and fragility of our unsustainable way of life, we are returning to “business as usual”, unable to put aside factional interests when confronted with a global crisis. The resurgence of autocracy, nationalism and conflict, […]

‘Making the Unsayable Experiential’ (BB8) – Webinar series

As I write this note to you, Russia is trying to break the morale of the civilian population in Ukraine by destroying its energy infrastructure, leaving vastsswathes of the country without heating, light, internet and mobile communications -just as the icy cold winter sets in. It is an ancient tactic of war. Tom Singer sent […]

JSSS 2023 Conference

18th Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology 27-30 July 2023 Held at the DoubleTree Hotel in the historic Biltmore Village neighborhood,Asheville, NC, USA read more

Jungian Sandplay Training Program 2022-2024 – Year 2

Jungian Sandplay Training Program September 2022 – June 2024 – Year 2 (Videoconference Only) Unit 4: The Psyche-Body Connection in Jungian Sandplay Unit 5: Alchemical Processes, As Seen in Jungian Sandplay read more:

Jungian Topics in Psychology 2023-2024: Fall term

Clinical Jung It has sometimes been said that Jung does not have a clinical technique.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  We will use short quotations and pithy slogans to practice learning and using Jung’s startlingly unique view of the psyche.  These short quotations are derived from some of Jung’s 226 clinical examples scattered […]

Dr. Sue Mizen wins Michael Fordham prize

The Journal of Analytical Psychology has announced that Dr. Sue Mizen is the winner of the Michael Fordham prize with her paper ‘The Self and alien self in psyche and soma’. The Michael Fordham Prize is awarded annually, in February, to the paper which the editors and the editorial  board feel best demonstrates the most […]

In the Spotlight – Gert Sauer

Gert Oskar Alexander Sauer is a psychotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst who works and teaches in Freiburg, Germany. He is a senior analyst and supervisor at the Institute for Analytical Psychology in Stuttgart. He has been married to his wife Rodtraud since 1965 and they have 3 children and now 6 grandchildren. Rodtraud was and is […]

Jungian Odyssey 2023

The Cauldron of Relationships—Do or Die? Join us for our 16th Jungian Odyssey Conference & Retreat! The genius loci remains to be our customary guide as we set out for Davos and the famed “Magic Mountain,” home to the historical Hotel Schatzalp. It was this erst-while Belle Époque sanatorium, opened in 1900, that set the scene for […]

XI Conference of UDG “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections”

We invite all colleagues, analytical psychologists and everyone who is interested in C.G. Jung analytical psychology to the XI annual conference of the Ukrainian Developing Group of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (UDG IAAP) “Diary of the War in Ukraine: Memories, Dreams, Reflections” – memories are testimonies on the war time experience, how we […]

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