Saturday, April 13, 9 am – 5 pm on Zoom

Nothingness is well known as a felt human experience, yet defining it is elusive. It is
also a topic of broad interdisciplinary work in the humanities, the sciences, psychology
and the creative processes in the arts. Our emotional spectra range from the
empty to the full, the vacuum to the overwhelm, the abyss to the heavens; these color
how we register, define and contextualize both our common and extraordinary perceptions.
Proverbial, dramatic and literary phrases have offered glimpses of how we
engage or escape from nothingness: nothing comes from nothing—everything comes
from nothing—the plenitude of emptiness—why is there something rather than nothing?—
nothing is more important than nothing. It is the presence of absence, the
memory of the unmet or missing, the felt in the forgotten, simultaneously within and
outside space and time. It is a window into experiences of the paradoxical and the
ineffable that are not just “fun to have” but come with much gravitas, and transformative
power. Join us for a fascinating day exploring Nothingness with a physicist, a
neuroscientist, artists and Jungian psychoanalysts.


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